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Repurposing a fireplace mantle in the garden

Repurposing a fireplace mantle in the garden

Today I wanted to share how I repurposed a fireplace mantle in the garden. While driving around in the rain a few months ago, I spotted this mantle leaning next to a dumpster with a ton of junk piled on top of it.   The dumpster was located behind a furniture staging company, but this […]

Phormium flowers phormium flowers

Phormium flowers

This year my ‘Sea Jade’ phormium surprised me by sending up several towering stalks of flowers. ‘Sea Jade’ has gorgeous olive green foliage with a subtle pink stripe down the middle.  This variety also appreciates a bit of shade if planted in really hot, sunny areas. This is a mid-sized flax, topping out at 4’x4′ […]

Inspiring Fences at Cornerstone Gardens

I try and visit Sonoma’s Cornerstone Gardens as often as I can, with their ever-changing garden installations.  I’ve written about them in the past, but on this trip  I was particularly captivated by a few of the fences that surround some of the gardens. This one, for example, is a simple wire fence with eucalyptus […]

Creating a no-lawn front garden Perennials Summer Heat

Creating a no-lawn front garden

After designing gardens for over 20 years, I’ve noticed more and more people want to replace their little-used front lawn with an environmentally friendly garden.  The main stumbling block, however, is they aren’t quite sure what to do once the lawn is gone. I hear variations of the same concerns:  it’ll look too much like […]

Garden art revisited

We all try our best to recycle and repurpose whenever we can, right?  When this robin’s nest blew down last year my mother couldn’t stand to throw it away so she gave it to me to keep it in a protected spot and re-use it in my garden. Imagine my joy when I discovered this treasured […]

Opposites Attract in the garden

I love all gardens. I don’t think there’s a single style that I don’t appreciate.   And that’s part of the charm of gardeners – we’re all so different yet we all appreciate one another’s passion.  Sometimes the differences are subtle, sometimes they’re as opposite as night and day. But either way, part of the […]

Ecstasy – Wordless Wednesday

While spending the day in San Francisco I stumbled upon this statue of a massive, towering woman titled Ecstasy, by Karen Cusolito and Dan Das Mann. Her body is so graceful, lithe and perfectly proportioned while being constructed of repurposed pieces of chunky, rusty metal. I know it’s a little atypical of my posts, but I […]

Cottage Gardens in Petaluma – Garden Up’s next stop!

If you love clematis, edibles, succulents and everything in between then Cottage Gardens of Petaluma is nursery you MUST visit! Many already know this nursery as one of the best sources around for unusual varieties of clematis. But Bruce Shanks, the owner, has clearly been bitten by Succulent Fever.  Everywhere I look there’s unbelievable specimens […]

Living Walls in a San Francisco Community Garden

While in San Francisco recently, I stumbled upon this community garden sandwiched in between a really busy road and an apartment building. It’s a community garden built and maintained by a homeless shelter and surrounding neighbors (which is cool enough!) but I loved all the repurposed living wall elements along the chain-link fence.  The colorful […]