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Cutest tool shed ever!

My friends, Michelle and Rob, have the cutest tool shed ever!

Just this year, Rob built this for Michelle out of materials he salvaged either on their property or elsewhere around town – truly a labor of love.

I  love how it tucks in so nicely within the beautiful perennial bed instead of relegated to the back of the property to go unnoticed.

But it’s the details of this little building that make it look as if its been there forever, fitting right in with their beautiful old home and barn nearby…

Years ago they bought a fairly large amount of corrugated metal to use ‘at some point’.  Since then, they’ve incorporated the metal on their other structures nearby, as well as the shed, lending an air of permanence and consistency to their garden.

The siding of the shed comes from a 200 year old barn that Rob had always admired. One day he noticed the barn was being torn down so he loaded his truck with as much wood as it could possibly carry, again to use ‘at some point’.

The door is about 100 years old, as is the dark mahogany door handle.  The door handle was a gift from a neighbor’s collection, and matches the others in their 140 year old home.

But just wait until you peek inside!
Once you open the door, you’re greeted by colorful tools all lined up like good little soldiers.  And not just any tools, but the latest and greatest on the market.   Yes, I added a few to my ever growing wish list…

There’s a single old window in the shed, letting in plenty of natural light as well as providing a place to display their growing collecting of old bottles found on their property.  Seriously!  All they have to do is dig around a little and they find these, some dating back to the 1800’s.

Knowing that I adore old bottles, they even gave me a rake to try my hand at the old ‘ash pile’ at the far end of their garden. And within 10 minutes – bingo! – I found a beautiful old bottle that they let me take home to put in my own little shed!

This little building captured my heart, as it’s so clearly built from their heart.  Isn’t it amazing when structures can do that?


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  • It’s adorable! And that’s cool about digging around to find old bottles. I guess the closest trash bin used to be the back yard in the “good ole days,” huh?

  • How pretty the tool shed is! At present, my husband and I are converting an old outhouse into a “stool shed” to house my garden tools. It’s small like the one you show. I’m leaving the seat and will use the space under it for “potting soil”. To pay homage to the many toads in our garden, I plan to put an oil painting of a frog on the back wall. I’m so excited.

    Thanks for the picture…I’m going to show it to my husband to get him to hurry up with my shed.

    • A ‘stool shed’ – that’s so funny! I’d love to see a photo of the finished product – sounds so darn cute!!

    • When I saw all those hoes, I definitely thought of you, Carol!


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