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In just a few days I'll be saying goodbye to my daughter as she embarks on a new adventure in her life as she goes away to college.  And while I'm proud, thrilled and excited for her, I can't help but quietly mourn each passing minute, knowing I'll soon be face-to-face with the giant hole that will be left in my heart, home and garden. My daughter has never been one of those kids that have naturally taken to gardening, [read more]
I've been traveling a lot this summer and am so glad to finally be home!  But after nearly five weeks away you can imagine the state of my garden. Fortunately (for my garden, not for me!), my husband was home for most of the time so he was able to keep it watered and somewhat under control - but you know how it is.  While most everything survived, there is an overwhelming amount of staking, pruning and dead-heading to be [read more]
Last week I was invited to have breakfast at Sunset magazine’s headquarters, along with a few of my favorite fellow gardeners.  The event was to welcome the new Sunset Edible Garden Cookbook, which will be released next week, as well as to tour the grounds and the test garden. While of course I was thrilled to be included, I'll admit I was a bit hesitant about the breakfast.  Why?  Because breakfast has always been sort of a letdown for [read more]
Phew - it's a warm one this weekend!   We haven't had very many hot days this summer so the warmth is welcome around here.  My green tomatoes are crying out for a little heat so they can ripen (okay, they don't really care - it's me who's crying out for it!!) The herbs in my garden, however, are very happy, towering above my other plants and just waiting to be harvested.  As is the case with my lemon verbena [read more]
Each fall, a former client calls me up, letting me know it's time for persimmons!  Her very large and very old persimmon tree has been generous (to say the least) with its persimmons over the years.  I always take several dozen to pass along to friends and neighbors, but make sure to keep some for myself, as well. Not only are they beautiful to set out during the holidays, but they provide my family with a season's worth of the [read more]
I walked into Peets Coffee the other day (sounds like the beginning of a joke, doesn't it)? Anyway, I walked in and saw these interesting looking mushroom kits for sale.  And since I'm an avid gardener who will grow just about anything, I was immediately intrigued.  So, I snatched one up for $15.00.   Having a teenager, I find it's more and more difficult for me to keep her interested in gardening, so I'm a sucker for anything that might [read more]
My husband loves our garden, but he's not really interested in gardening in our garden.  He's more of an 'observer' than a 'do-er'.  That's okay with me because, personally, I can't imagine how frustrating it would be to be married to another garden designer and have to share my garden.  I remember reading an article about this once- two designers were married and literally divided their garden in half so they could each design with their own individual styles.  Uggh!! [read more]
In love with my Rogers Red grapevine, that is.   Vitis californica 'Roger's Red' is a California native, grows with very little water, quickly reaching a massive 30x30 - growing 3 to 6 feet per year!  It produces TONS of grapes which are filled with seeds, so while they're not the first choice for a quick snack, they're great for the birds or for making grape juice. Okay, enough about the specifics - let's get to the real reasons I [read more]
What do you do when Mother Nature showers you with grapes? [read more]