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The High Line Garden in Autumn high line autumn

The High Line Garden in Autumn

Last November, my daughter and I took a spontaneous trip to New York to visit the High Line garden again – only this time in autumn.  While visiting a garden in the spring and summer is magical, there’s something about a fall garden that grabs my soul.  Perhaps it’s the perennials taking their sweet time […]

One Window Box for Four Seasons window box design

One Window Box for Four Seasons

I love designing seasonal window boxes.  Not only because window boxes provide yet another opportunity to plant, but because they’re a fantastic way to add vertical interest in the garden. When standing in line at the grocery store, I can easily pass by all the fashion magazines, except for articles like ’10 Ways to Wear […]

How To Use White In The Garden

How To Use White In The Garden

Often overlooked, the color white frequently takes a back seat to all the showier colors out there, which is such a shame!    Though people may think of white as subdued, colorless, or ordinary – it’s actually incredibly versatile, serving many functions in the garden.  Is your garden too chaotic, boring, shady, or hot?  Believe it […]

Transforming a side yard from Blah to Beautiful Transforming a side yard

Transforming a side yard from Blah to Beautiful

I originally wrote this post eight years ago, but am re-writing it in honor of my friend who created this magical side yard, and who unexpectedly passed away two weeks ago. I often highlight this garden in various presentations, and it’s always a HUGE hit with the audience.   In fact, this garden receives bigger reactions […]

Rosemary in the Garden 'Mozart' rosemary

Rosemary in the Garden

A designer once told me she never plants rosemary in her garden because it’s too common. Huh?

Of course, everyone has a right to their own opinion, but not planting something just because it’s common? 

Personally, I happen to LOVE rosemary in the garden and incorporate it into as many designs as I can.  

Whether it’s the upright ‘Tuscan Blue,’ mid-size ‘Mozart’ (in the photo, left) or the groundcover ‘Prostratus’ (and everything in between,) I can’t get enough of this plant.

It’s an especially treasured plant for those of us who share our gardens with marauding deer, rabbits, and gophers, as the highly aromatic leaves tend to repel them.

At the same time, because of its long bloom time, it’s a bee magnet (mason bees, honey bees, and bumblebees) as well as hummingbirds, and butterflies. 

My Favorite Late-Winter Flowers

My Favorite Late-Winter Flowers

With the warm weather we’ve had this past week, my garden is slowly starting to wake up.  Little mountains of soil are popping up everywhere as bulbs push their way towards the light, and when I peer down into the crowns of my perennials, I see hints of new growth beginning to stir.   While waiting […]

Creating Winter Interest in the Garden – Part 2 creating winter interest garden

Creating Winter Interest in the Garden – Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of Creating Winter Interest in the Garden (if you missed Part 1, click here.) I recently walked through a new client’s garden, where she kept apologizing for its appearance.  She was afraid it was too early in the year for me to really get a clear picture of what it usually […]

December Garden Rockstars december garden rockstars

December Garden Rockstars

It’s mid-December, and most of my garden is now fast asleep. This week’s rain has knocked off the remaining fall leaves, perennials are silently slumbering underground, and there’s no longer the buzz of busy insects feasting on pollen.  But my garden still has loads of visual beauty, thanks to all the evergreen plants that are […]

A Magnificent Monochromatic Garden

A Magnificent Monochromatic Garden

Gardeners are often reluctant to try their hand at creating a monochromatic garden for fear of it looking a tad uninspiring.  What’s a monochromatic garden?  It’s one that uses a very limited color palette. As part of my ongoing series, Gardeners and their Gardens, I’m thrilled to share with you Lani Freymiller’s magnificent monochromatic garden. Her […]

Euphorbia euphoria

Euphorbia euphoria

Once the blistering heat of summer arrives (any day now!) my euphorbias will take center stage in the garden. Their heat-loving quality is just one of the many reasons why they’re a staple in my garden. They’re also extremely drought-tolerant, they’re awful tasting to gophers, deer & rabbits (thanks to their irritating sap), and they […]

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