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Takeaways from the Northwest Flower & Garden Show
I recently returned from a fantastic whirlwind week in Seattle, where my mother and I attended the Northwest Flower & Garden Festival. In between my presentations, including a riveting 'Container Wars' challenge (yes, that's me showing off my blue ribbon!!) I had plenty of time to wander through this year’s display gardens, the theme being ‘Gardens of the World’. I wanted to share with you three display gardens that felt were particularly stunning this year and takeaway ideas that [read more]
Good-bye Pool, Hello Garden – another makeover
  Everyone loves a good makeover, right? Especially us gardeners.  Whether we're talking about ripping out a giant lawn, or ripping out a giant pool - the results can be pretty astonishing. Over the next several months I have lots of gardens to talk about.  Some belong to my clients, others are near my new home in Granite Bay, some from around the country, and a few surprises I'll share with you later. So as we enter into another cold [read more]
I don't know what it is about moss, but I just love it. Particularly the moss that's growing on and around my mother's fountain.  If you look closely there's even moss growing out of the little girl's basket - so beautiful! (more…) [read more]
While visiting Dallas last week for the Garden Writers Association's annual symposium, one of the highlights of the week was touring many different gardens.  One of my very favorite gardens of all was created by garden designer Robert Bellamy.  Over the past 25 years, Robert has slowly acquired neighboring properties in Old East Dallas, ultimately creating a 'compound' where he lives, works and entertains year-round.  As well as being a gifted garden designer, he's also a talented artist, creating original [read more]
Thinking of buying a fountain? Then read on before you make a HUGE mistake.... [read more]
  Okay, okay - by now most of you who have been reading my blog for any time now probably feel like they've personally strolled through Freeland and Sabrina Tanner's garden and have seen everything I could possibly show them, right? WRONG! Freeland is an amazing powerhouse of creativity and has just finished building two incredible sculptures made from his collection of antique sprinklers, a few hoses and some rebar.  They're  the perfect additions to their potager, adding a bit [read more]
I must have walked around this show for hours, snapping photos of all the gardens because when I came home I had close to 800 pictures!  One thing I noticed was that I tend to take pictures of small portions of the gardens which really caught my eye.  I rarely have a photo of the entire garden.  It must be how I see things, one segment at a time.  Sometimes it's the small details of a garden which, taken as [read more]
Yes - it's true. I had the Swine Flu. How to enjoy your garden while lying in bed sick as a dog, for an entire week..... [read more]