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Moss – Wordless Wednesday

I don’t know what it is about moss, but I just love it. Particularly the moss that’s growing on and around my mother’s fountain.  If you look closely there’s even moss growing out of the little girl’s basket – so beautiful!

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  • Just found you through my Twitter feed–love your moss post. I am a moss fan too, you can read about my nascent moss garden (and other NW native plant activities) on my blog: Athistleinmysensitivearea.wordpress.com I hope you visit! Best, Calvin

    • Calvin – I absolutely adore your blog (and the NAME of your blog – LOVE IT!). Thanks so much for stopping by!!

  • I love the mossy look concrete or natural stone walls can get. Sometimes I tell my clients to use yogurt to start up some moss where they want it. We do creative landscaping and I hope we get some clients that like moss the way we do so we can do some jobs and post some photos. I love your images here.

  • I love moss too! People spend so much time and energy trying to get rid of it, so I ask them to dig it up and bring it over to my house. : ) Seattle is the land of moss after all.

  • Mosses are so magical, aren’t they? Kids sure love their mini-world feeling. I love them too and really love lichens like the ones on the statuary…all those colors, all that life. Wow.

    Love, love,


    • I couldn’t agree more, Sharon! Moss & lichens are just begging for a child’s imagination, aren’t they? No doubt you’ve created many, many enchanting ‘fairy worlds’ using them!

  • Great piece and photos Rebecca, mosses do thrive in winter and early spring, and as summer heats up they may retreat, but give them a little care with some extra water and they’ll hang around all year!

    • Thanks David – you should know, right? Love your site, btw. Everything anyone could ever want to know about mosses with to do for photos to boot! Thanks for stopping by!

  • Lovely! I’m very fond of moss too, and tend to take it for granted here in the winter. As we’re heading into spring though, I expect it won’t be around for much longer this season. Good to appreciate it while it’s still here.

    • I agree – appreciate it while its around! With California’s dry, dry summers it’ll be gone soon enough!


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