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Time to Prepare your Garden for the Swine Flu!


Today I heard from the doctor that I have the dubious distinction of officially being the first Landscape Designer in Northern California to have come down with the Swine Flu -and I survived!  True, I spent 4 miserable days in bed with a high fever, the achiest muscles I’ve ever experienced and a deep, wicked cough.   But, in and out of my fever, I had PLENTY of time to lay there in my comfy bed which looks out onto my garden and think.  Well…not really think, but to LISTEN.  I had such a bad headache, I couldn’t really keep my eyes open, so I just layed there and listened to the noises around me.


It slowly dawned on me how beautiful my garden really sounded, despite my situation.  It was so pleasant to listen to all the birds feeding on the bird-feeders, and the canaries singing in their aviary.  We had a slight breeze blowing, causing the wind-chimes to create their music.  My husband turned on one of my smaller fountains so I could hear it in the distance, too.  And my neighbors, along with their 2-week old baby, were in their backyard so I could hear it’s sweet, tiny cries off and on.  All in all, it was really quite peaceful.


And then I remembered  two videos which I made last Winter, talking about 1) Ways to attract wild birds to your garden, and 2) The different sounds of wind chimes.  Perfect timing, huh? I must’ve made them for this exact moment!  Funny how life happens, isn’t it?


My advice?  Swine flu is coming!  Better prepare now, and get your garden’s sounds in order…..




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  • I am so glad you’re feeling better! I fear the swine flu – even though I’ve been to Mexico 3 times since the panic, I seem to have ducked it so far – I am doing all I can to make sure I stay well. But in the event I succumb, I will make sure I have lovely garden sounds to mask the noise of the motorcycles gunning up the hill next to my house!
    Love your videos – you need a show!

    • Well…the sounds may not mast the motorcycles gunning up your hill, but they might mask the sounds of you throwing up (I failed to talk about that lovely side effect of the flu!!) 😉

  • This is a great blog! Are those “family heirloom” hens and chicks so big b/c of their type or are they just old and mature? I’d love to incorporate more succulents, and I love the size of those.

    • Hi Julianna – thanks for your compliments! These escheverias are quite old, but even the babies (which I transplant a LOT) grow that large in about a year or so. They’re extra huge in the Spring, then tend to shrivel a bit during the Summer months (a defense mechanism against the heat), then swell back up again in the Fall. If you lived closer I’d give you a bunch!


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