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Repurposing trash into treasures for the garden
  I love repurposed items in the garden. Things that may be broken or have lost their usefulness are all too often headed to the dump, which is such a shame! Sometimes, though, all that's needed is a coat of paint, a little sprucing up, and a healthy dose of creativity to figure out how to use that item in a brand new way. Not only are repurposed items being kept out of our landfill, but they can add such [read more]
The art and soul of Freeland Tanner
What do you get when you combine a pile of twigs, sprinklers, and watering cans with the right side of the brain that just won't quit? It's not what you get, it's who you get - Freeland Tanner. I've written about this exceptional man and his equally impressive wife, Sabrina, many times before (here and here), as well featuring their garden in both of my books. Some of you might even think I'm a bit of a stalker (debatable). But [read more]
As many of my readers may know, I adore chickens and have had several grace my garden over the years. Note the past tense. While I love them dearly, I've finally realized they're best enjoyed in other people's gardens.  I can't bear to keep them cooped up (no pun intended) in a chicken run, so I would end up letting them free range to their heart's content in my fairly small garden.Yes, they're as picturesque as can be, but [read more]
Okay - you're in a hurry to plant your tomato plant...here's the quickest way to do it! [read more]
While driving around in the rain a few months ago, I spotted this old fireplace mantle leaning behind a dumpster with a bunch of junk piled on top of it.  The dumpster was behind a furniture staging company - you know, the kind that stages homes when they go on the market?  But this had clearly been here a long, long time and wasn't being used by anyone. I called the company and left a message, in my nicest voice [read more]
On the side of my office hangs a collection of old tools, pots, sprinklers, etc. that I've gathered over the years.  Most were given to me by my grandparents or parents, some were found at garage sales, and others given as gifts.  All, however, are precious to me as each one represents a piece of my life. Every few years, I'll find a little bird attempting to make a nest in one of the birdhouses, with little success.  I think [read more]
We all try our best to recycle and repurpose whenever we can, right?  When this robin's nest blew down last year my mother couldn't stand to throw it away so she gave it to me to keep it in a protected spot and re-use it in my garden. Imagine my joy when I discovered this treasured gift of mine found a new purpose!  Once home to a robust family of Lake Tahoe robins, its now home to a sweet little [read more]
Freeland & Sabrina Tanner’s Unforgettable Garden
As a designer and garden writer, I've been so fortunate to have met so many incredible people with unforgettable gardens. I believe a garden is an expression of the gardener's soul - the result of the blood, sweat, and tears that went into its creation. You know that feeling when you walk into a garden, and you're caught off guard, heart pounding?  That's the garden's soul, and it's something that can't be duplicated. I'd like to introduce you to an [read more]