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If you've been reading my blog for awhile then you know I love grasses. And luckily they've become a common sight in most nurseries, with so many amazing selections from which to choose. Yes, grasses are all the rage and for good reason. Why?  Generally speaking, grasses will grow in just about any type of soil, most are drought tolerant and diseases and pests aren't usually an issue. (to see more of this garden and how I used grasses to [read more]
Think vertically when designing side yards
One of my favorite chapters in my first book Garden Up!,  tackles a common problem many gardeners face: what to do with those narrow side yards? These spaces are often neglected, turning into dumping grounds for junky items collected over the years.  While it's true we all need a place to store that broken BBQ that we can't quite throw away yet, composters and garbage cans, it doesn't mean we can't have a garden too! My own side yard is [read more]
This year my 'Sea Jade' phormium surprised me by sending up a few towering stalks of flowers for me to enjoy.  Phormiums (aka: Flax) don't always bloom around here, but once in awhile they'll reward our patience by showing us what they're really capable of! Phormiums are one of my favorite go-to plants when designing, as they provide fabulous bold, upright structure in the garden, coming in an abundance of foliage colors from which to choose.  But now I can [read more]
As a garden designer, I've noticed a growing trend over the past few years: more and more people are wanting to replace their unused, water chugging, labor intensive front lawn with a beautiful low-water, low-maintenance garden. These days it seems no-lawn gardens make up about 75% of my business.  The remaining 25% are people who'd like to remove their front lawn but aren't quite sure what to do once it's gone. I hear variations of the same concerns:  it'll look [read more]
Garden Designers Roundtable – Favorite Landscape Plants
The topic of this month's Garden Designer's Roundtable is sharing my favorite 'must have' plants with you.  Easy!  I grabbed a pen, sat down in my comfy chair and began to list my favorites.  Time ticked by and after awhile I realized I had at least 50 choices so far, with no end in sight.  I clearly needed a different approach or this would be the longest post in history. So instead, today I'm going to tell you about one [read more]