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Almost Wordless Wednesday – Snapping Turtle

As usual, this is ‘almost’ a Wordless Wednesday post.

A few weeks ago, while vacationing in Connecticut, we drove past this giant snapping turtle bravely crossing the road.

Being from California, and never seeing one in person, we pulled over so I could play tourist and take a photo.

 Our host even helped him cross the road by stopping traffic for him.

I thought I’d be the only one so excited to see this, but apparently I was wrong!  I was amazed at how many locals pulled over to take a look (and snap a picture)





6 Responses to Almost Wordless Wednesday – Snapping Turtle

  1. Saw my first snapping turtle in Monterey! Here, often released as unwanted pets, they wreak havoc our waterways (and can easily snap off a thumb!). I actually am not terribly fond of them, but interesting encounter!

    • Really? You saw one in Monterey? Who in the world would want one as a pet – they’re a tad dangerous with that whole snapping thing going on! Everyone who was gathered around this one was telling horror stories of how strong they actually are and the damage they can cause. Interesting, but definitely wouldn’t want one in my garden that’s for sure!