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It's January here in Northern California and today I ate the first (of many) oranges off my 'Washington Navel' tree. I love that first, sweet-with-a-hint-of-sour-taste the season's first orange gives me.   I look forward to it all year, beginning in late spring when my garden is blanketed with the scent of its heavenly blossoms, then again in the fall with its swelling green 'tennis-balls', and then again in late winter, when my dreary winter garden is punctuated with bright orange [read more]
I woke up this morning to a whopping 26 degrees.  Yes, I know - I can already hear those of you in other parts of the country laughing at my wimpyness.  But don't forget, I live in mild-climate California!  My poor little plants aren't accustomed to this weather and are fairly miserable right now. If your garden is also suffering as a result of these unusually low temperatures, there's still hope.  First and foremost, though,is to make sure your plants [read more]