Indoor Plant Decor – Book Party, Review & Giveaways

To celebrate the release of Kylee Baumle and Jenny Peterson’s new book, Indoor Plant Decor, you’re all invited to participate in their cyber book party (complete, of course, with loads of prizes!)

I’ll be honest, when I was asked to review and join this event I was a little nervous as I’m one of those people who struggles to keep indoor plants alive.  There – I’ve said it.  Yes, I’m a landscape designer and yes, I love nothing more than working in my own beautiful garden, but when it comes to houseplants it’s a whole different story.  I just sort of ‘check out’ and assume I’ll most likely kill the poor plant after a few months.

But after thinking about it I realized I’m probably the ideal person who should read this book!  So, after reading the entire book cover to cover, I felt much better knowing that I’m not alone in my indoor plant abuse.  My plants will certainly thank them for their helpful advice in not only thinking outside the box when designing with indoor plants, but how to choose the right plant and take care of them.One of my favorite chapters is called ‘Haberdashery‘ and deals with something that’s rarely written about – helping men embrace their ‘uniquely masculine space’.  Inspiring ideas are introduced for men out there who want something more than a fussy fern in a glazed ceramic pot.

The authors suggest including plants that are structural by nature therefore making a statement all on their own.  Also encouraged are materials that are hefty and bold, including wood, hypertufa or heavy glass.

This got me thinking about my own houseplants (the few that are surviving) and which ones my husband tends to gravitate towards.

One of his favorites is our terrarium filled with different pebbles and a mix of air plants (tillandsias – which, by the way, are some of my favorite houseplants of all, requiring nothing more than the occasional soaking and light feeding).

And after reading this chapter, this doesn’t come as a surprise at all.  Structural plants?  Check!  Chunky stones?  Check!  Heavy glass?  Check!Another favorite of his is our ‘pot within a bowl’.

He doesn’t seem to care one way or the other about the unusual African violet with its splashy leaves, but instead loves the corks that we place in the outer container.

After finishing a bottle of wine, he gives careful thought as to whether the cork is ‘container worthy’ or not.

Which leads me to another aspect of this book – the clever projects listed throughout.

One, in particular, has clearly got my husband’s name on it!  I almost hesitate to show him this as it’ll surely bring more cork-related decisions his way.Ready to join the Party?  Here’s how to play:

There are 11 bloggers participating in this fabulous party, each offering a different prize.  Just leave a comment on each participating blog for a chance to win that specific prize.  The more blogs you visit, the more chances to win! Please note that because of shipping costs, giveaways are restricted to residents of the U.S.  The giveaway runs through Sunday May 12. The winner will be announced on Monday the 13th.I’m giving away an adorable set of Moss Rocks.   Moss Rocks are living sculptures and zen moss gardens all rolled into one neat package. Enjoy the lush and soothing Dicranum mosses like never before in these beautiful pre-planted container.

This prize consists of one Cobble (medium) in Bark glaze and one Pebble (small) in toadstool glaze. Donated by Moss and Stone Gardens, a design firm in Raleigh, N.C., specializing in moss landscapes.For more reviews and 10 more chances to win, please stop by the following blogs – and best of luck to everyone!!

******UPDATE:  We have a winner!  Congratulations Carol Yemola – you won the moss rocks!  Thanks for playing, everyone and I hope you all have a lovely day!******

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  • I’d love to have some moss rocks on my office desk.

  • Those are so lovely! I know the perfect spot for them in my dining room too.

  • I love the wine corks in the African Violet dish. Gives me a reason to drink more wine!

  • My husband has such a hard time throwing away wine corks – and you can only have so many cork boards. Looks like I’ve found another way to use them!

  • I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one that has some trouble keeping houseplants happy. Looks like a great book, and love the moss rocks, too.

  • How cute. I really gravitate to natural and Japanese containers, so these would fit right in. I had never seen them before.

  • I have never seen moss rocks before! Those are so cute!

  • I’ve always dreamed of having a moss garden, but in my little apt I didn’t think I’d have a chance. The rocks are amazing! Even if I don’t win, I’m inspired to find a way to grow some moss inside my home. Thanks!

  • Very cute ideas 🙂 Would love to win those moss rocks.

  • I have one lonely little moss rock that needs a family! Thanks for the opportunity! Happy Moss Rocks! Pamie G.

  • Love the Book and your Moss Rocks are a Cool idea.

  • I have a yard full of moss that I don’t like. I do like your moss rocks!

  • Makes me wish I drank wine so I could do some of those cork projects, too 🙂 Beer bottle caps just don’t have the same rustic look.

  • I’m with you, always killing house plants through some measure of neglect. I need to change that. Jenny’s book may be the answer. Love all the photos and especially the cork ones. I always have plenty of those at hand.

  • I have my succulent arrangements on a rotation schedule. One might decorate the entry table for a week or so, living in bright light and no water. Then it goes outside for a while to be refreshed, while something else outside comes in. That way I always have my indoor plant decor! Excited for the new book!

  • Ooooh! Those would look adorable on my plant table … want!

  • Those moss rocks are adorable! I’d love to have them.

  • Oh, I love moss! I am trying my had with it in an “abandoned” bird bath. (The birds seem to like my fountain more. I think the running water is the attraction.)

    I love that African Violet! My mother always had violets and I think I have finally found a place where I can make one happy. I am having trouble finding a good source for these classic house plants, though. Any ideas?

    I love everything today!

  • Perfect give away prize. I’ve been wanting to try a moss garden and those are adorable.

  • I also struggle to keep indoor plants alive; my lighting isn’t the best but if they were watered regularly I think it would help! Indoor plants are way too dependent on me, mother nature can’t help keep them watered. But I do love what plants add to your home, and it looks like this book has lots of ideas for interesting house plants that I wouldn’t be so inclined to forget about.

  • First visit here. I linked in through Pam’s blog “Digging” and am glad I did. I moved into a new house a couple years ago and am still trying to find the balance of plant life I had before.

  • Would love to win a moss rock. These are so fun.

  • I got hooked on houseplants as a senior in high school but over the years I became more of an outside garden kind of girl… would love to get back into it… thanks for the chance at the moss rocks… love ’em… :))

  • Those little moss rocks are absolutely adorable. I’ve never seen anything so creative.

  • Thanks for the confession. I’m very good at killing houseplants, but I still can’t give it up! The moss rocks look awesome.

  • I would love to have some moss rocks in my home they look so creative in pictures. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  • Moss is great. I’m trying to grow a moss garden in a little shady spot where no grass will grow. I’d love a moss rock.

  • I would love to win the moss rocks and really liked your terrarium with rocks and air plants.

  • Great creativity! Who knew there was so much to be done with corks! Moss rocks are gorgeous.

  • Looks like this is a really good book providing wonderful ideas. I love the creativity of recent years. Thanks for being a part of this book party celebration.

  • Cool book and great gift (moss rock). I love houseplants, too. Trying to keep the collection manageable is always the challenge.

  • A little moss in drought-plagued SoCal would be a treat!

  • I too love gardening outside and I’m just starting to think about bringing some of that life inside. This looks like wonderful inspiration to do just that!

  • Your moss rock plants look amazing! Love indoor gardening during our cold winters!

  • I love indoor plants and have had some success but need to expand my horizons! Thank you for the opportunity. Moss rocks are the perfect choice.

  • Thank you. I like your terrarium with the different pebbles!

  • The moss rocks are adorable–thanks for the heads-up on the book, too, which I plan to buy sometime soon.

  • Love the moss rocks. Thanks for the chance!

  • Low maintenance indoor gardens are appealing to me. Only the hardiest plants seem to last long under my care. These moss rocks offer a unique new option to try.

  • The air plants idea is great. Our 7 year old grandson has been wanting some air plants and this would be the ideal solution for him. Thanks

  • Thanks for the giveaway and the extra pics!!! Very creative indoor plants!!
    Missy from the bayou

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