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Ecstasy – Wordless Wednesday

While spending the day in San Francisco I stumbled upon this statue of a massive, towering woman titled Ecstasy, by Karen Cusolito and Dan Das Mann.

Her body is so graceful, lithe and perfectly proportioned while being constructed of repurposed pieces of chunky, rusty metal.

I know it’s a little atypical of my posts, but I just had to share her with all of you.  Can’t you imagine a smaller version of her strategically placed in the garden?



11 Responses to Ecstasy – Wordless Wednesday

  1. She is exquisite… to have that kind of talent to create such beauty from scrap metal is truly a gift. I knew I should have gone to welding school!

  2. now that would be some mean garden art!! she’s gorgeous. what lovely grace and detail. and rusty iron is so organic looking that it usually blends well with the plantings.

  3. I would totally love a smaller version of this in my garden or yard. Including the foot in the picture definately gave a better idea of the detail that went into this gorgeous sculpture!

  4. So glad you included the closeup of the foot! Amazing delicacy. And those ribs look especially intriguing. Thanks for this find!

    • Hi Denise – so glad you like it! My camera’s battery was almost dead, otherwise I would’ve taken more close-ups. Even so, I think the foot gives a pretty good idea of the intricacy involved in creating this sculpture.