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Cottage Gardens in Petaluma – Garden Up’s next stop!

If you love clematis, edibles, succulents and everything in between then Cottage Gardens of Petaluma is nursery you MUST visit!

Many already know this nursery as one of the best sources around for unusual varieties of clematis.

But Bruce Shanks, the owner, has clearly been bitten by Succulent Fever.  Everywhere I look there’s unbelievable specimens of succulents – and if you know me at all, you KNOW I love succulents.GreenBar




When you first walk into this nursery, nested in the tranquil hills of Petaluma, you know you’ve reached someplace special.GreenBar





Gorgeous display gardens cozy up to groupings of beautiful pottery.GreenBar

And their collection of simple yet elegant trellises are truly some of the best that I’ve seen.  

There’s corner trellises and super skinny ones that are perfect for awkward spaces.  

There’s even unusually wide trellises that can add a little ‘heft’ to your garden, especially good for larger spaces.GreenBar

But it’s their greenhouses that took my breath away.  Just look at the view!

Bruce is so proud of his staff and their dedication to growing the very best plants.  

He’s got several greenhouses on the property – some for edibles, some for succulents, some for perennials.GreenBar


In the succulent greenhouse, Bruce has row after row of jewels he’s growing from cuttings and ‘pups’.GreenBar


But its not just plants that are growing in these greenhouses!

Cottage Gardens makes colorful cement pillows and baskets, called ‘tuffits‘ that can be used as stepping stones in the garden!

For years I’ve seen them for sale in many of our local nurseries, but I had no idea they were made in one of the greenhouses in this very nursery!GreenBar


Here’s one of the cement baskets used to house a collection of succulents.  

The texture of both the echeveria and the basket perfectly complement each other, don’t you think?

I have one of these at home that I’ve used for years as my dog’s outdoor water bowl.

Really, they’re just the cutest things, available in tons of colors.GreenBar


But you want to know what I’m MOST excited about?

Susan and I will be speaking here next Sunday, May 1st at 11:00!

Our topic?  Gardening Up, of course, with a special hands-on demonstration showing creative ways to design your living walls using different types of systems and unusual planting combinations.

We hope to see you here next weekend!

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  • Rebecca,
    This place looks wonderful! I will have to make a visit there next time I head to Monterey! We always drive through Petaluma! Petaluma will love you 2. Such a great book! I am having so much fun with it!

    • Thanks Jennifer! You will absolutely have to stop by there – you will LOVE it! I’m thrilled to hear you’re enjoying our book, too – thanks for letting me know!!

  • Interesting you should mention Petaluma, I have ordered my bareroot roses from Peteluma for years from Garden Valley Ranch, has hard to find roses at least in my area.

    This looks like such a wonderful nursery.


    • Eileen – you’re right! Garden Valley is another fantastic nursery up there. Petaluma is such a great place, isn’t it?


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