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Lupine Meadow at Lake Tahoe

lupine meadow

Every few years, when the conditions are just right, this meadow is filled with thousands and thousands of lupines.

I just so happened to be visiting Lake Tahoe during this magical time and wanted to share these photos with you.   

This naturally occurring meadow is located just a few miles from Tahoe City, and as you can see the lupines and yellow monkey flowers are at their peak.


Since posting this several years ago, I’ve received dozens of emails from around the world (one man was visiting from Germany!) wanting to know where they could find this meadow. 

I’m so happy to have recently found this article for those of you who are interested in more details as the lupine explosion is happening again!


lupine meadow
lupines and monkey flowers
lupine meadow
lupine meadow

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  • I would love to know exactly where you took these photos. I love to hike all around the Lake Tahoe trails, but this is somewhere near the lake and I can’t figure out how I would get there! I’d appreciate it if you would share the information. Thanks!

    • Hi Cynthia – this spot is actually right along the lake, just past Tahoe City, heading towards Kings Beach (believe it or not!) If you grab a ‘Tahoe Weekly’, there’s usually a photo very similar to this one and it’ll say the exact spot. Sorry, but I don’t remember how we got there. That year, the lupine were in full glory and everyone was going crazy taking photos. This year, I hardly saw any blooming!

  • My son vacationed there this year and made no mention of wildflowers…do 20 somethings noticed these things?

    The photo of the lupin against the blue of the lake is breathtaking…Kim

  • Thanks Curbstone! It was truly breathtaking to stumble upon this – glad you enjoyed it!

  • Stunning doesn’t describe it, does it? Your second photo is wonderful, an entire ocean of lupine next to the lake. At least our El Nino years are good for something other than filling up the reservoirs. Stunning wildflower displays in the West! Makes me want to pack a bag and head for Tahoe!


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