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One of my favorite gardens from the 2011 Northwest Flower & Garden Show

Thanks for the photo, Susan Morrison!

The name of the garden is ‘Paradise (to be) Regained..borrowing Thoreau‘ and is described as “…a generation who’s looking for paradise in a shrinking world…this garden uses the power to reclaim and re-characterize what is left behind.”

Since I have a 15-year old daughter, I instantly tried to look at this garden through a teenager’s eyes.

When I came home I showed my daughter the photos, and asked her to pick out her favorite parts of the garden, and this is what she loved:



Not a huge surprise – this beautiful purple orb was her favorite photo of all.



The garden columns made with recycled water bottles, bricks and 1-gallon plastic containers were another big hit…

…as was the sedum with its own personal “Hello, I’m Sedum” name tag.

And while the old radiator, repurposed as a garden wall, was cute enough it was the little green frog that made my daughter smile.

I thought the color purple would’ve been the big hit in this photo.  I was wrong.  It was the fact that a plate could actually be set on the living table.

And yes, now she wants us to make one for our own garden!


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  • Wow, looks like such a fun garden! Love the radiator (and frog) though I might have picked a stronger color myself…

  • From what I’ve read, she’s an extraordinary young woman. From what I see, she is going to be a force to be reckoned with in the garden design world. No wonder you loved this garden, can’t wait to see what you and your daughter come up with for your own yard!

  • I loved seeing what your daughter sees. This was a great garden and really inspirational. I’ve looked at many photos of it and am so happy that this 15 year old participated. WONDERFUL.

    See you soon, but I’m going to miss the opening of the SFFG show because I’ll already be on my way to Lexington Arboretum. DANG I didn’t want to miss this show (but at least I’ll get to visit you).



    • Hi Sharon – yes, her youth and enthusiasm were definitely a highlight of the show. Working on getting you inside the show early…but if not, we’ll at least have plenty of time to relax & have a few drinks! 😉


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