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Living Walls at Seattle’s Northwest Flower and Garden Show 2011

Last week I attended Seattle’s fantastic Northwest Flower and Garden Show, and was thrilled to see so many different interpretations of living walls.

Here’s a sneak peek – ranging from walls planted with tropicals (by far the most common), succulents, or even moss.

My favorite are those using one-of-a-kind structures, using uncommon plants.  Like this delightful wall created by Judson Sullivan of Cultivar, LLC.

Even the risers in between stairs are planted – sort of ‘mini living walls’!

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  • Thanks, Rebecca… I feel as if I were there. The plantings on the risers, were they planted in some sort of fabric tube? I really like the idea a lot.

    • Thanks Sheila! The plantings on the risers used chicken wire to hold in the little bits of soil, sphangum moss and plants. I agree – it’s a great idea as long as you can keep them watered!


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