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Phormium flowers

This year my ‘Sea Jade’ phormium surprised me by sending up a few towering stalks of flowers for me to enjoy.  Phormiums (aka: Flax) don’t always bloom around here, but once in awhile they’ll reward our patience by showing us what they’re really capable of!

Phormiums are one of my favorite go-to plants when designing, as they provide fabulous bold, upright structure in the garden, coming in an abundance of foliage colors from which to choose.  But now I can add their gorgeous blooms, loved by hummingbirds, to my long list of reasons why I love them.

See for yourself!


4 Responses to Phormium flowers

  1. Phormium’s are a delight for my container designs… but they are non- existent in Denver this year. I mean, really… why? OMG, they actually flower? I really need to move to CA where my dream plants thrive!