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Sprinkler Garden Art


Okay, okay – by now most of you who have been reading my blog for any time now probably feel like they’ve personally strolled through Freeland and Sabrina Tanner’s garden and have seen everything I could possibly show them, right?


Freeland is an amazing powerhouse of creativity and has just finished building two incredible sculptures made from his collection of antique sprinklers, a few hoses and some rebar.  They’re  the perfect additions to their potager, adding a bit of humor and personality to an already fascinating garden.

Does this man’s brain ever sleep?



My favorite is the heart – what’s yours?

8 Responses to Sprinkler Garden Art

  1. Love them! What a clever idea. I never knew that vintage sprinklers were so cool. Just did a search on ebay and saw a vintage cat sprinkler listed at $325.00!