A day with Lila B. Design

I know, I know – a ‘Wordless Wednesday’ post isn’t supposed to have words.  Since I can’t help myself, I’ll be brief.

This past weekend I had the pleasure of spending a Saturday afternoon in San Francisco with Baylor Chapman of Lila B. Design and friends and fellow garden designers  Debra Prinzing and Susan Morrison.

The purpose?  To not only have fun, of course, but to get a behind-the-scenes tour of Baylor’s super-cool floral design studio.

Below are just a few of the designs she was working on for some lucky clients.GreenBar






I love Baylor’s ‘Wall of Fame’, where she’s been featured in Sunset Magazine, newspapers and other publications such as our first book, Garden Up!GreenBar


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  • Okay, so I might be the Johnny-come-lately weighing in on Lila B. But that in no way reflects any lack of adulation. Beautiful, fresh and exciting use of color and texture. And I’m with Debra…..use sedums and aeoniums if you want my attention! Nice job. So glad I found your website!-Joni

    • Thanks so much, Joni! Baylor Chapman is unbelievably talented (look for another post in a few days – I paid her another visit last week).

  • LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Lila’s designs. They are fresh, lively, imaginative, thank god there is something NEW out there.

    And the courtyard???? Pure and unadulterated BLISS. The thin bed with the stones just sends me over the edge.

    Although it is 9 P.M. on a dark and chilly night, well, I think I’ll go outdoors and work on my garden.

    Thanks dear,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

    • Sharon – you are SUCH a gardener! 9:00 on a cold and dark night? I’m impressed!! So glad you’re back home now – happy gardening! – R

  • How delightful that the courtyard is maintained by all the residents. Does everyone in SF have such good taste? 😉 I really like the trail effect they did; so different from a central space that most courtyards have.

    • Pam and Alice – so glad you enjoyed the photos! Hanging with Deb P. was definitely part of the whole experience!!

  • Gorgeous! Love that courtyard, the terrarium, and that bouquet! Also love Lila’s name (shared by my daughter).

    • Andrea – is Lila the cutest name, EVER? It’s actually her grandmother’s name (her name is Baylor…..hence the Lila B. name). Your daughter is a lucky little girl to have such a cool name!

  • Hello Rebecca, what a delicious post! Thanks for getting such inspiring photos to tell this story. I agree with you – Baylor is super talented and full of inspiration. It will be great to see her designs show up in your book. I was excited to meet her and plan to enjoy many future conversations about sustainable floral design as I gather stories about green flowers.
    On top of all this beauty, it was excellent to have lunch with you, Susan and Baylor, and to talk “book biz” and more. Fondly, Debra

    • Talking ‘book biz’ with you was definitely a highlight of the day! It was so interesting to hear the thoughtful questions you asked Baylor and your process of gathering information. The topic of your book is SO great, too, and one that I’m sure will be the next ‘wave of consciousness’ for people in the growing industry – you must be thrilled to be at the forefront of this issue. Thanks again, Debra. SUCH a fun day!

  • I love her designs! And that garden! wow! That is gorgeous! They’ve done a great job with that tiny space!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Gina! Yes, that tiny space was completely transformed into a gorgeous garden – I wish I had more photos to show you!

  • Totally breathtaking! Your pictures are awesome too. Lovely post and inspirational garden/art.

    • Thanks Kerry, Eileen and Townie – I’m so glad you enjoyed this post!

  • Well, naturally you know what caught MY eye…those aeoniums, that terrarium, the prominently potted agave! I visited Lila’s website and looked at her blog and portfolio. Her wedding work is really interesting. Those Oct. 21 event arrangements dare to use bright turquoise, even in the cake. It all, remarkably, looks extremely chic.

    • Debra – I definitely thought of you with that one floral arrangement with the sedums! I’m so glad you liked it. Her work is truly stunning and she’s lucky her clients let her run with her ideas. It’s a win-win!

    • I agree, Loree. I lived in SF many years ago and really, really miss the hidden gems like this that are so prevalent in the city. Every time I visit, I want to move back!

  • Oh I LOOOOVE that courtyard!!! The planting beds that trail off to zero – YES!!!! So modern, so lush, so much packed into a small space! I’ll bet it was an awesome day … You guys have so much fun! And it SHOWS … that is going to make for a smashing best seller!

    • Germi – it WAS an awesome day! Not only was it SO inspiring getting to spend some quality time with Debra, but meeting Baylor and seeing all of her work and her home were just icing on the cake. My head was spinning on my drive home, FULL of ideas and excitement. Don’t you just love creative people??!!

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