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Refresh Your Garden Design Virtual Book Party!

You-re-invited-3I’m officially announcing the birth of my new baby…I mean book, Refresh Your Garden Design with Color, Texture & Form, and to celebrate you’re all invited to attend my Virtual Book Party – with some very ‘refreshing’ party favors (yes, pun intended).  Six garden blogging friends and I are hosting 7 great giveaways this week, all related to the theme of refreshing your garden!

I wrote this book after years of consulting with one frustrated gardener after another.  Why the frustration?  Because more often than not, they’ve experienced a feeling of helplessness as they look around, not knowing how (or where)  to begin breathing new life back into their garden.  If this sounds familiar, this is the book for you.   Maybe your garden isn’t what it once was.  Or maybe it’s fine during the spring’s full glory, but falls apart the rest of the year.  Or maybe it’s overly crowded, or too sparse or it just doesn’t resonate with you and you have no idea why or what to do about it.  Don’t despair!  Garden transformations don’t always require an expensive overhaul by a team of professionals – sometimes all it takes is a fresh perspective, and a new way to look at your garden.  Refresh Your Garden Design provides just that, helping you to not only identify what has gone wrong with your garden, but how to fix the problem as well, allowing you to take matters into your own hands!

If you’re interested in finding out a bit more about my book you can listen to a (free) workshop that I conducted with Horticulture Magazine, discussing a few of my book’s topics in more detail.   Or, you can read some of the editorial reviews on my Amazon page.   Or if you only have 30 seconds, my Animoto video might pique your interest!

But enough about my book – let’s talk about the party!

What’s a party without party favors?  (A party fail – that’s what!) Check out these fabulous prizes all designed to help you, in one way or another, refresh your own garden.  The best part is you can enter all SEVEN giveaways for a chance to win.  Just follow the links below and leave a comment on each blog’s giveaway to enter.  It’s that easy!  See?  You didn’t even need to bring a hostess gift for this party!!

foolproof-plants-for-small-gardensThe prize I’m offering is something for the tech-savvy gardener (plus a little old-school thrown in): a trio of garden apps helpful for any gardener.  The first app in this package is the gorgeous and oh-so-useful Sunset Western Garden Book app (click here to read my review). And for those of you whose garden is the smaller side or, perhaps, your larger garden is filled with small spaces (think side yards, skinny garden beds, courtyards, etc) then you’ll definitely appreciate this next app included in this giveaway: Foolproof Plants for Small Gardens, by Susan Morrison (click here to read Gardenista’s glowing review).  And for the edible gardeners out there, you won’t want to miss the chance to win the Garden Tracker-Bumper Crop app designed to help  you to plan, plant and grow your vegetable garden.  And to top off this package prize is a signed copy of my new book (yep, that’s the “old-school” part of this prize)

The giveaway begins Monday, November 4th and runs through Sunday, November 10th at 11:59 pm – the winners will be announced on Monday the 11th. Please note that because of shipping costs, this giveaway is restricted to residents of the continental U.S.

So leave a comment, visit the other blogs and check back next Monday to see if you won!  Best of luck everyone!

UPDATE:  The winner of the giveaway is Ann Meyers.  Congratulations, Ann!  Contact me via email at [email protected] and I’ll get the prizes to you asap!  Thanks for entering, everyone!  🙂


Dee Nash at Red Dirt Ramblings is offering a hand-selected bulb bonanza in conjunction with Peaceful Valley Farm and Garden Supply.  Known online as GrowOrganic.com, Peaceful Valley was established by organic farmers in 1976 and has grown to be the largest organic gardening supply company in the U.S! This organic bulb collection is an ideal way to introduce seasonal color echoes into your garden. (valued at $50.00)


Annies AnnualsPam Penick at Digging is giving away a $50 gift certificate to the irresistible online nursery Annie’s Annuals. Annie’s specializes in rare and unusual annual & perennial plants, including cottage garden heirlooms and native wildflowers. They have a huge selection of amazing treasures that are guaranteed to help introduce color, texture and form back into your garden!


Dramm One Touch Rain WandRobin Horton at Urban Gardens is offering a fantastic garden-watering duo from the kind folks at Dramm:  the One Touch Rain Wand and Color Storm Turret Sprinkler (valued at $50). Dramm is a family-run business that makes some of the best, and certainly most colorful, garden watering tools around, helping to make your garden chores easy and fun!




Bypass LopperCarol Michel at May Dreams Gardens is giving away a much-desired Fiskars tool set: a Telescoping Bypass Loper and a Long-Handled Aluminum Hoe (valued at $65).  Fiskars products are renowned worldwide for their functionality and cutting-edge design so what better way to take care of your garden, keeping it in tip-top shape!




Proven WinnersShawna Coronado is giving away a $75 online gift card, as well as 6 ‘Pomegranate Punch’ Million Bells and a 2014 Gardener’s Idea Book from Proven Winners, a leading brand of high-quality flowerings plants seen in almost every nursery (you know, the ones in the cute little pink pot?) With the company’s goal of introducing ‘the best, most unique and high performing plants’ to the public, this prize is an ideal way to add a breath of fresh air to your garden!



design made easySusan Morrison of Blue Planet Garden Blog is giving away a garden-design package that’s perfect for anyone looking to shake things up in the garden. In addition to a one year subscription to Horticulture and a bound anthology of her popular ‘Harmony in the Garden’ column, Rebecca is offering the winner an online design consultation!




To enter, either click on the links above or use the quick-links below:

Red Dirt Ramblings is offering the bulb bonanza from Peaceful Valley Farm and Garden Supply

Digging is offering a $50 gift certificate from Annie’s Annuals

Urban Gardens is offering garden-watering duo Dramm

May Dreams Gardens is offering a garden tool combo from Fiskars

Shawna Coronado is giving away a $75  gift card from Proven Winners

Blue Planet Garden Blog is giving away a garden consultation by Rebecca and a Horticulture combo pack


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  • These sound very helpful! We’ve just begun our gardening adventure & we’re hooked. We love it! Thanks 🙂

  • Loved the virtual book party because it introduced me to new blogs
    that I will definitely visit and enjoy in the future.. always great to
    expand my gardening friend circle.. thanks for the great giveaways
    and now a wealth of new gardening information!

  • Your virtual book party is genius – not only do I get several sneak peeks from various viewpoints, I get links to more fantastic blogging sites. So much info and so little time! Looking forward to getting the new book and keeping the garden ideas flowing straight through winter and into next spring!


  • I’ve been gardening for 40 years and always learning something new. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Your new book looks fantastic! Best of luck on its release and thanks for inviting me to your party.

  • First of all, kudos on the new book; I really enjoy the landscaping styles that you have put together. I have an absolute obsession with plant morphology, so when I see someone using several different shapes, and functions of plants, it always brings a smile to my face.

    As an amateur gardener/blogger/botanist, I really want to check out both of your books and see what I can learn from them. I have a few ideas of my next garden plot (shade garden) that I would love to apply these ideas to. Keep up the good work, you are doing great!

    If you have a spare chance, maybe check out my site. It’s still young (30-ish posts) but I think you might find an article or two of use. If not, maybe your readers might.


    I’ll be sure to keep coming back to check out any updates. Take care!

  • What an enticing way to introduce me to your new book! Already in my cart, I can’t seem to have enough design related books as each project is so different. Thamks

  • Such a wonderful idea for a garden book…amazing no one has quite had this angle before. Useful for all levels!

  • I have ordered your book and can’t wait to read every word and truly look at every detail of every picture. I love what you can do with a garden. I live in Central Texas……….droughts and deer………so I have to take many of your ideas and find the same look with drought tolerant and deer resistant plants. I need to redo and refresh so much so I can’t wait to receive this book to start the process and be ready to begin in early spring.
    Thank you for all you have taught me with your books,
    Ann Myers

  • Congratualtions on your new baby! (I mean book!) So happy to find your blog because of the virtual party. Gardeners are the most fun and creative people!

  • I’m taking your advice and trying some photos of my garden to help identify what’s missing. Love your book!

  • These sound like the perfect solution to a cold winter evening getting inspiration for planning a more beautiful garden – and who wants to wait until Spring to get started?!

  • Congratulations on the new book! I have been waiting for this new book; I pre-ordered on Amazon. It arrived on Friday, and I was gone, so I had to wait till today to pick it up at the post office. I am so looking forward to changing my garden with color combinations. Thanks for writing this book and the great give-a-way.

  • Congratulations on your new book…its definitely something I’m going to have to get!! This is my first year to try gardening in ANY form & need all the advice and ideas I can get. I never thought I could do anything like this until meeting Dee this spring at her nursery, Deez Treez. She’s shared so much knowledge & positive feedback that I’ve received so much therapeutic joy from each & every plant I now have and everyone I come across!! Now I just need to find the proper location & setting to place each of my new “babies”! 🙂

  • I would be happy to adopt one of your “babies.” Your book is jam packed with great insight to form, color and texture.

  • I would love to win your book – I have it on my Christmas wish list! It is just what I need now, because as you said, “it just doesn’t resonate” with me and I am lost as to what I need to do to improve it. Thanks for the opportunity to win this and the other prizes.

  • What a fun party! Are these apps equally applicable to Droid and iPhone? I’d love it for Droid!

  • How awesome, your book looks amazing. Thank you so much for blogging and sharing not only your knowledge with us but also your friends. You encourage me to try new ideas, when I just don’t know what to do..

  • These garden apps sound great, but the “old school” part of this giveaway is the clincher! Congratulations on your new book, it looks wonderful!

  • What a perfect gift for my daughter-in-law who is just starting out with gardening! Thanks for the chance.

  • Can’t wait to read your book cover to cover. What a great plan to have a virtual party! I’ll put on my hat!

  • Congratulations on your new book! Looking forward to checking it out. I have Garden Up which is full of good ideas. Thanks for sharing the garden apps. Very handy when out in the garden trying to figure out what can work.

  • thanks for hosting such a great giveaway – I know this book will give me lots of ideas for my garden!

  • I just bought the book. It is beautiful and looks like it is full of great information. (Liked “Garden Up” too!) Love Rebecca’s designs. Since I just got a smart phone, the apps would be great.

  • Congratulations for your new book! I would love to have a copy, I’m sure is full of great ideas.

  • Hi, I’m here from Pam’s blog! I am really excited about your book and can’t wait to read it. The pictures look fantastic and I always enjoy when designers can articulate why certain garden designs are so effective and magical.

  • Very generous giveaway. I got the book earlier this week and love it already. The chapter on seeing with new eyes is helping me re-evaluate my garden.

  • Get that book of yours listed on Goodreads STAT! I want to put it on my wishlist which I give to people for Christmas gift ideas. 🙂

  • What a great giveaway! I love the way all of the great gardeners work together to have fun!


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