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Refresh Your Garden Design with Color, Texture and Form

I’m over-the-moon with excitement to announce that my new book, Refresh Your Garden Design with Color, Texture and Form is officially finished and will be available in bookstores next month – Oct. 20th, to be exact!

After seeing a review copy for the first time last week, I can honestly say that I’m immensely proud of this book for many reasons.  Not only did Christy, the book designer, do an incredible job making it stunningly beautiful, and not only were my editors a dream to work with, but to hold something in my hands that is a culmination of my past fifteen years as a garden designer is exciting beyond belief.

After much discussion with my publishers about my book’s title (which can sometimes be the hardest part when writing a book) I really like what we all came  up with as it  perfectly captures what the book is all about – refreshing your garden.

Roget’s Thesaurus sums it up best with its own definition:  Refresh – make like new again, give new life, provide new vigor; to revive, restore and rejuvenate.

This book is written for gardeners of all skill levels with gardens of all sizes and styles.  At the heart of the book are basic design principles such as color, texture and form reinterpreted with a fresh perspective. The first chapter, however, is devoted to helping you look at your garden with fresh eyes so you can determine what is (and isn’t) working.  Knowing where to begin is sometimes the hardest part when refreshing your garden, so in this chapter I’ve included very specific techniques to help you remove the ‘familiarity blindness’ that sets in when living with a garden for years at a time.  Included throughout are before and after examples to help you further understand how to implement each design concept in your own garden, no matter what zone you live in.   The chapters that follow delve deeper into color, texture, shape and form helping you to understand the importance of these basic concepts but, more importantly, how to take things up a notch by putting your own ‘spin’ on them.  I promise – there are no sleep-inducing design lessons here!

If you’d like to see a bit more, here’s a book trailer showing you a few highlights- enjoy!


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  • The trailer for the book looks impressive – just heading over to Amazon to reserve my copy, as we never stop learning in this business. Nice work Rebecca!

  • Really looking forward to when Amazon sends my copy of your book flying over the Pacific Ocean to Sydney! That’s what I love about your approach – it’s full of great ideas and advice for everyone in any climate.

  • Congratulations! I’m looking forward to the book, which I pre-ordered through Gardener’s Hub earlier this week. I’m trying to rejuvenate an established garden I acquired 2 years ago so help in refreshing it is right on target.

    • Thanks so much, Kris. This is the book for you! I really did write it specifically for gardeners like you who need a little help refreshing what they already have and sincerely hope it provides you with lots of inspiration and hands-on advice. I hope you keep me posted on how it goes for you and the progress you make! 🙂

    • Thanks, Susan – and as usual, thanks for all of your support and brainstorming!! XOXO

  • Rebecca,
    This is so exciting. I can’t wait to get a copy. You are my inspiration. Congrats!

  • Congratulations on the birth of your new baby! I can’t wait to get my hands on your new book. So many exciting things going on in your life right now. On the family front, those phone calls will slow down as she becomes totally immersed in friends, classes, etc. Sad, but true. Miraculously, everyone adjusts.

    • Thanks, Jo. I think you’re right (I’ve actually heard the same thing from several others who have ‘gone before me’). Knowing the calls and texts will end makes me appreciate them even more.

  • A great dorm room… I didn’t know they existed, and add to that a great roommate? You both hit the jackpot, my friend! I’m more than happy for both of you, life can now officially continue on 😉 Life is good in Denver. We just had a photo shoot in my gardens yesterday for ‘CO Homes and Lifestyles’ and last week they photographed our client’s balcony. Denver Dirty Girls is pretty happy. Happy Fall!

    • Sheila – how exciting!!! Oh, I hope you post the article or send me pics so I can brag about you!! I’d love to see them – I’m sure they’re gorgeous! Good news all the way around – the way its supposed to be! 🙂

  • Rebecca, another fun book from you, thank you. I so need to refresh my garden, and now that I changed career and work in people’s gardens I need to learn a lot about this particular subject, so much can be done to spruce up a tired garden.

    Congratulations on another publication.

    • I’m so happy to hear you’re venturing into a new career, Laura, and one that I’m most fond of. 😉 I know you’ll be a huge success and can’t wait to hear all about your projects!

  • Can not wait to get your book and put it to good use in my garden. Great work !

    • Sleep? What’s that? Thanks, Loree! I’m keeping my fingers crossed people like it as much as I do! 😉

    • Thanks Sheila! I feel pretty darn good, I must say. And the ‘big move’ went just fine. Great roommate, great dorm room and a beautiful campus (I LOVE their landscaping). And thanks to technology it’s almost like she hasn’t left since we text/phone/skype at least 25 times a day. Almost too much sometimes – ha! Hope all is well with you! XO


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