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Wordless Wednesday: Flowering Hawthorne

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  • This tree is indeed beautiful, but, it is not a flowering crab. It is a flowering hawthorn, I might guess Pauls Scarlet or Tobias. You can tell by the leaves .

    • Ohmygosh – you’re right!! Thanks so much for clarifying it for me!

  • So beautiful will this bear fruit? I am enjoying learning about Guilds through permaculture and I am very interested in planting either food plants or natives and enjoying adding splashes of just color, which is recommended for humans! I think we alone know what BEAUTY is. This is Beautiful.


    • Hi Stacy – no, this one is ornamental only. It does produce little ‘crabapples’ the size of almonds that the birds seem to enjoy in the fall. I’ve seen other varieties of crabapples that bear large fruit that some people make into jams and such. I’m not a huge fan of the fruit, but I do love that tree!!

    • Sheila – it’s definitely one of the prettiest crabapples I think I’ve seen. I wish I knew the cultivar.


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