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Do you know how easy it is to get several plants for the price of one?  Some of my favorite 2-for-1 plants (actually it’s more like 10-for-1) are coleus.  Just snap off a stem, stick it in a glass of water for about 10 days, and when you have lots of little roots you just plant it in the ground!  I do this every summer, buying a single plant and propagating many more for our long growing season.  You can easily have a drift of coleus for about $7.99!

I do this in the fall as well, but for different reasons.  When I have a particularly beautiful variety that I don’t want to lose once cold temperatures arrive, I propagate one or two to overwinter in a brightly lit window.  Once warmer temperatures return, I just plant them back out in the garden for another season’s worth of beauty!

Coleus aren’t the only thing propagated this easily, many herbs can be grown this way as well.  For more on that, read my article over at the Fiskars site to see just how easily it’s done!



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  • I discovered how easily coleus roots this spring. I don’t even put it in water – just plant the cutting directly in the dirt. Magic! I had several long stems break in a storm and they even rooted easily in the dirt. Can’t wait until next year to really take advantage of this new knowledge.

    • Wow, Barbara! You made it even EASIER to propagate coleus!! Okay then – skip the water and just plunk it in the ground. I’m with you! I’ll give it a try next year, for sure!

  • I just saw your book Garden Up in the latest issue of Sunset. Congratulations! I’ve gotten so many great ideas from it. I am so glad to see it getting the attention it deserves!

    • Thanks so much, Wendy! Your gorgeous Cecil Brunner rose over your doorway is a perfect example of vertical gardening, right?

  • I do that all spring with my coleus and all winter with my saved begonias. My last frost I have plenty of begonias to fill up my victorian pot holder.

    • You’re right, Nellie – begonias are another one that does really well with cuttings!

  • Dittany-of-Crete dries the same way.

    I love to cut fat bouquets of nasturtium for kitchen color. Within a week most of the long stems (not just the flowers) have thin white roots…I transplant the new starts in containers and in the kitchen garden.

    Don’t know if you saw my mention of you and Susan and Garden Up! in Facebook. It was easy for me to recommend at the Florida Nursery, Growers, and Landscape Show in Orlando.

    Sending a big hug,


    • Nasturtiums – I never knew that!! I will most certainly try that next year as it seems I never have enough nasturtiums in my garden. And no, I didn’t notice your shout-out on FB. Many thanks, Sharon. Coming from you, I’m sure people listened!! Much, much appreciated! XXOO – Rebecca

  • Love this! Did you know you can cut the blooms off origanum’kent beauty’ and the color will last ( out of water! ) for well over a year!?

    • I didn’t know this little fact but am so glad to know it now! The flowers of ‘kent beauty’ are some of my very favorite and I’ll definitely plan on drying some when mine blooms again next spring. Thanks for the tip, Joni!


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