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Living Walls in a San Francisco Community Garden

GreenBarWhile in San Francisco recently, I stumbled upon this community garden sandwiched in between a really busy road and an apartment building.

It’s a community garden built and maintained by a homeless shelter and surrounding neighbors (which is cool enough!) but I loved all the repurposed living wall elements along the chain-link fence. 

The colorful and friendly painted signs made this such a homey and happy place to be.  What a treasure!GreenBar




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  • What a fun garden! And I love it that the neighbours are pitching in to help maintain it. I wonder how this would work in Mumbai .

    • Wow, Mumbai!!?? You travelled a long way to find me in Northern California – thanks for commenting! And yes, I definitely think it would work in your neck of the woods!

  • so refreshing to see the joy and playfulness of this garden. and those burlap planters are perfect hanging planters (like them much better than those woolly pocket planters that start at $40 a pop! and the burlap bags are recycled, too!)

  • This trip we must also see the Science Exhibit at Golden Gate Park – last year was the huge free music festival at the Park – got high just breathing the air! 😉

    • Dan – I’m so glad you’ll be coming out our way! I wish I remember which streets it was on, but it was near the 600 block of Sutter Street (on a corner).

  • Wow, what an amazing project. Love the burlap bags and the painted cans. The colors, the plants, the vegies not only must make a whole lot of folks feel good, but it is also an interesting way for them to ‘put down roots.’

    • I agree, Robin! My favorite part was the recycled burlap bags hung on the fence with common jade plant growing out of them. A really cheery place and one that I’m sure brings happiness to their lives.


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