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Wordless Wednesday – Humor at the SF Garden Show

Compliments of Ami Saunders, with Saunders Designs….

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  • Thank you everyone for the feedback, we are so very glad you enjoyed the rock faces! I invited the sculptor Stone Fox and was so pleased that he participated! Since we had so much gravity with our native California Rock in the garden, the levity of the rocks gave good balance. Many people enjoyed the garden. All day long throughout the show, I would hear peals of laughter as people discovered the faces in the rocks amongst the garden! For inquiries about Stone Fox and his sculptures, please phone his studio (415) 883-4626.

    • Thanks for leaving Stone Fox’s link, Ami! Your garden was truly spectacular and the humorous rocks were the icing on the cake! So often faces in rocks are a little cheesy – yours definitely weren’t and I had so much fun watching people discover some of the more subtle ones. Great job!!

  • I don’t even know Ami, but she obviously understands my sense of humor. I not only want these darling nature goblins in my world… I need them!

  • Those would scare me if I had them in my garden. I’d think I wasn’t alone. Hope all is going well, you’ve been blowin’ and goin’ from the looks of Facebook. Loving your book btw.~~Dee

    • Blowin’ and Goin’ – that just about sums it up, Dee! Glad you’re enjoying the book – thanks for letting me know!! 🙂

    • Yeah – they ‘just about’ blend in. Some of them were truly amazing and super subtle. The photos just didn’t turn out very well…darn it!

  • This is so cool. This reminds me of Bev Dolittle who did paintings with faces in them.

    • Joani – you’re right! I didn’t know who Bev Dolittle was, so I googled her. Love her hidden faces!


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