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It’s Glass Pumpkin Time!



It’s time for our annual trip to Palo Alto’s Art Center to buy  a glass pumpkin (or three).


Picking out which glass pumpkin to buy is like picking out pansies – I can never decide because each one is prettier than the last!

Will we go for the traditional colors of oranges and yellow?


…or will it be a cooling shade of green?


…or maybe a cheery candy-colored pumpkin like the kind you wish would grow in your vegetable garden?


Will we choose one in muted earth tones?


Or maybe it’ll be the pumpkin sprouting Easter Bunny ears?


No, definitely not that one.


Clear ones, white ones, pumpkins shaped like teapots, and crates of babies just waiting to be taken home



Which one, which one, which one?


Traditional orange won out again.


Until next year, that is….

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  • Those are really amazing- had no idea that glass pumpkins were made let alone so gorgeous. A real Cinderella story in the making… glass, pumpkins, transformations…

  • I’m so impressed and amazed. I’ve never seen a glass pumpkin before and yet I’m so glad they’re not in my town because I know I would have the urge to buy them all. Utterly gorgeous, thanks for sharing.

  • These could get seriously addictive and completely empty my wallet and take over my house with the necessity for high maintenance dusting. That alone stops me from going on a google hunt.

    • Ah yes, Catherine – it’s a pricey tradition which is why we limit it to just one (or maybe two). Luckily they’re on the fireplace mantle so the dust doesn’t show, either! 😉

  • What gorgeous pumpkins. I’d have a hard time choosing too although a white one and clear glass one caught my eye in your photographs. Such discipline it would take to just pick one!

    • Kasey – the crystal one is one of my favorites, but I never buy it because it’s twice as expensive as the others (solid glass). One of these days, though…

    • Thanks Townie – you’ll have to go next year, it’s really quite a beautiful way to spend an afternoon.

  • I’ve never seen so many glass pumpkins. I had no idea this was going on, and sadly, it looks like we’ve missed it. I’d love to go next year, but what a difficult choice! I love the ones you selected though, they’re all beautiful.


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