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Wordless Wednesday – Felder Rushing

Felder's#1 Fan (Andrew Keys to the left) and Felder Rushing (right)


While in Dallas last week, I had the honor of listening to a presentation by Felder Rushing, which wasn’t really a presentation at all, but rather an opportunity to listen to this man’s passion aboutSlow Gardening.  If you ever have the opportunity to hear him speak, seize it with both hands – run to the front of the room, grab the closest chair and prepare to be thoroughly inspired!


He doesn’t just ‘talk the talk’ either.  He drives an old pickup truck with a portable garden in the back, to prove that anyone can garden, in any type of garden.

When describing his truck’s garden, he says it’s embarrassingly easy to grow and tend, but be careful of basil… “it burns when you push 70″…




Imagine how thrilled I was to find his truck in the hotel parking lot!

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  • I also enjoyed his talk and had the chance to be on one of the buses with him Sunday morning and then later found myself at a dinner with him Sunday evening! Fun, got to hear him talk about lots of fun horticulture stuff.

  • Rebecca: I use Felder’s Rules and pictures of his truck in EVERY presentation I do for Garden Clubs, Master Gardeners, and often other growers. I just did a talk to a group that included several nuns, and had a section called ‘Commandatus Feldericus’ just for them. Told them this was the Latin Rites version–you know: “You may have unlimited wind chimes. You have wonderful taste, but your neighbors do NOT.” They loved it. Felder Rocks!!! NEVER miss a chance to partake.

    • I bet Felder would love your talk, Lloyd! Sounds very ‘Felder-ish’ to me (I only wish I could attend!)

  • We were just speaking about people like this at work yesterday. People that are so into horticulture that it practically oozes from their pores. I love that kind of passion. How lucky you were to spend time listening to such a gem.

  • Rebecca, FR’s talk was one of my favorites, too! I’m not sure I can remember a lot of what he said, but it was totally inspiring! SO jealous you saw the Truck Garden!

    • Yes, Jenny and Andrew – it was truly great seeing his truck in the parking lot. He’s THE MAN….


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