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Sonoma’s Artefact Design and Salvage

Warning:  This is not your grandmother’s typical garden shop.  

Welcome to Artefact Design and Salvage, located at the Cornerstone Gardens in Sonoma, California, and it’s just the thing to clear out the cobwebs of winter and kick-start your imagination!


It’s not quite a traditional nursery, with row after row of plants to buy, with only the occasional container of sedums or air plants.  But when you walk through the front doors, THIS is what you’ll find – giant rooms filled with a most impressive display of one-of-a-kind garden art.

And when you’re finished marveling at the displays inside, mosey on outside and your senses will be delighted with the ‘junk-yard-meets-garage sale-meets-Parisian flea market’ finds.  

Super cool stuff everywhere!

Be still my beating heart!

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  • Wow, I can see why you love it. I would absolutely love to have a place like this near me. Maybe my wallet is better off because I don’t tho?!!!

  • We love Cornerstone. If memory serves me correct, we first traveled there because of ArteFact. It is a great place to day dream for a while and get the creative juices rolling. Matti

    • Yes – a day could easily be spent there…so many cool shops to visit, gardens to stroll through and a great little cafe to have lunch.

  • check out Heritage Salvage. My friend Lynn does Marketing and PR for them. Very cool place. I just know of it through the articles she posts on facebook. You can google it. 🙂

  • I love this place, I could spend a day there! The containers of sedum are so sculptural. You can really find things here to create a cool garden room, inside or out. Great find!

  • Ah yes – those gorgeous greyhounds – I remember them well! Didn’t they have a ‘sold’ sign around their neck? I coveted them….though I have absolutely nowhere to put them!!

  • Thanks for the great write up Rebecca! And thanks to your readers for the compliments. Makes me want to run right out and find more cool stuff… Dave Allen, proprietor and Finder of Objects, Artefact Design & Salvage.

    And yes, we’re looking forward to dragging a bunch of goodies down to the SF Garden Show next month.

    • Wow, Dave! I’m so glad you liked my review – and more than a little surprised that you even heard about it in the first place….(though a little birdie named Laura told me she might’ve leaked the news to you….). I hope to meet you at the show and can’t wait to see your booth! Keep up the most excellent work you’re doing! There’s a whole bunch of us out here who adore your shop!

  • What a fantabulous place. I want to open up something like that–well I want to do so much huh? Just love everything you show and tell. Thank you. I came over cause Debra lee baldwin is all bragging about you!

    • That’s the beauty of this place, isn’t it? There’s always something different! I can’t wait to go back – hopefully in a few weeks…

  • OMG, will you look at those sempervivum troughs? How cool is that?? Good thing I’m flying to the Bay Area in March, because if I were driving, I’d probably bring home a stone trough, wrought-iron door and possibly a mermaid.

    • There’s no reason you can’t tuck one of those little mermaids in your overhead….they only weight about 100 pounds!

  • Timely post, girl! Just learned this morning that Artefact will be bringing a bunch of their fun goodies to the show as an Exhibitor! They are also supplying materials for Organic Mechanics’ show garden. They rock! Thanks for giving them a shout…

    • Thanks for the heads-up Laura – now I’ll make sure to DEFINITELY bring more cash to the show!!!


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