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Landscaping for Privacy – Book Review
When meeting with new clients for the first time, the issue of privacy almost always tops their list of 'must-haves'.  Whether gardening in sprawling estates or in tight residential quarters, gardeners everywhere crave a sense of tranquility, privacy and seclusion from their neighbors. Which is why I was thrilled to receive a copy of Landscaping for Privacy, by Marty Wingate (145 pages, Timber Press, 2011,  List Price $19.95) I can't think of a single garden that I've designed where privacy hasn't [read more]
   A few months ago I wrote about the fabulous day Susan Morrison and I had with the crew from Growing a Greener World (see below).  Well, I'm thrilled to be able to share the episode with you all, right here. The topic is Small Spaces, and in addition to our two cents, you'll also meet Baylor Chapman, who owns Lila B. Design, my very favorite floral design business in San Francisco. I hope you enjoy the show!   (more& [read more]
I guess I just can't stop thinking about gardening up (can you blame me?) When writing our book, Garden Up, Susan Morrison and I had to draw the line somewhere, and unfortunately a few topics didn't quite made the cut. Window boxes were one of them, and it's too bad because I really feel that people don't use them enough in their gardens.     (more…) [read more]
In one of the chapters of our book Garden Up! Susan and I write about maximizing your garden's side yard.  These spaces are often neglected, and turn into dumping grounds for junky items collected over the years.  While it's true we all need a place to store that broken BBQ that we can't quite throw away yet, our children's outgrown toys, composters and garbage cans it doesn't mean we can't have a garden too! My side yard is featured in [read more]
While driving around in the rain a few months ago, I spotted this old fireplace mantle leaning behind a dumpster with a bunch of junk piled on top of it.  The dumpster was behind a furniture staging company - you know, the kind that stages homes when they go on the market?  But this had clearly been here a long, long time and wasn't being used by anyone. I called the company and left a message, in my nicest voice [read more]
If you love clematis, edibles, succulents and everything in between then Cottage Gardens of Petaluma is nursery you MUST visit! Many already know this nursery as one of the best sources around for unusual varieties of clematis. But Bruce Shanks, the owner, has clearly been bitten by Succulent Fever.  Everywhere I look there's unbelievable specimens of succulents - and if you know me at all, you KNOW I love succulents. (more…) [read more]
While in San Francisco recently, I stumbled upon this community garden sandwiched in between a really busy road and an apartment building. It's a community garden built and maintained by a homeless shelter and surrounding neighbors (which is cool enough!) but I loved all the creative (and free) living wall elements in it.  All the colorful and friendly painted signs made this such a homey and happy place to be.   [read more]
I'm so excited to be giving my very first radio interview this Saturday morning (April 2nd) at 8:15 am (that's A.M. folks)! And not just any ol' radio interview, but with one of my favorite programs - Garden Life!   It'll be broadcast throughout the country, so check here for stations near you!    (And feel free to call in to ask any questions-I'd love to hear a friendly voice!) New to Garden Life?  Then make sure to sign up [read more]
Our new book, Garden Up! Smart Vertical Gardening for Small and Large Spaces, made its debut this past week and Susan Morrison and I are thrilled that our fellow Roundtablers will be writing their own thoughts about vertical gardening today. Since I've already written about many different aspects of vertical gardening in Garden Up!, I thought I'd do something a little different.  Today, I'd like to share with you some of my favorite photos and concepts that never made it [read more]
Last week, we had a HUGE Cyberparty in celebration of the release of our book Garden Up!, where we got the chance to meet so many new people!  Thank you ALL for stopping by, leaving your comments (most of which were unbelievable thoughtful and encouraging) and for throwing your hat in the ring! Today I'd like to announce the winner of the Fiskars products which I was giving away on my blog.  These tools are truly some of my favorite [read more]
Ta Da!  Today is the official launch of our book Garden Up! Smart Vertical Gardening for Small and Large Spaces. To celebrate, Susan and I are hosting a cyber book party, complete with door prizes and party favors - and you're all invited! Of course, two blogs isn't much of a party, and if you've followed the progress of the book, you know that we never could have written it without the help of some of the most talented bloggers, [read more]
Drumroll please! I'm thrilled to announce that Susan Morrison and I have launched our new website, featuring our book Garden Up! Smart Vertical Gardening for Small and Large Spaces!!!! Check out our site if you want to: Take a peek inside the book (we love this feature!) ..... See where we'll be speaking next (adding to it all the time - maybe at a place near you?).... See how the media is showing us the love….. For those of you [read more]
This past weekend I had the pleasure of spending a Saturday afternoon in San Francisco with Debra Prinzing, Susan Morrison and Baylor Chapman of Lila B. Design.   The purpose?  To not only have fun, but to get a behind the scenes tour of Baylor's unbelievably cool floral design studio.  Join me to see what this innovative artist is creating…. (more…) [read more]