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A gift from the heart

Christmas has come and gone and in its wake are a mountain of empty boxes, bows, ribbons and wrapping paper.  

My hydrangea and pittosporum centerpiece is finally beginning to wilt and the tree’s dry needles are raining down upon my carpet with alarming speed.

One of my favorite gifts this year is one that didn’t cost a dime (funny how the best usually don’t, isn’t it?)  

My mother gave me a simple box and within it was a beautiful, intact robin’s nest.  It’s not just any robin’s nest, though, but one that symbolizes a very special time of my life. This summer I spent a fair amount of time at my childhood home in Lake Tahoe, and much of it was spent in my grandmother’s room writing Garden Up.  

I spent hours there, strategizing with my co-author Susan Morrison; editing, outlining, writing and re-writing.  While my family would spend their days at the beach, I’d be writing away, loving every minute of it.  And throughout the entire time, a robin (who had built a nest right outside of my window) would keep me company by singing her little heart out with the prettiest song.  The nest was tucked up safely under the eaves, and lasted through several fall and winter storms.  But this latest storm was a biggie and blew it down, with the snow below cushioning its fall.

I’ll place this nest next to my desk and treasure it always.

I hope you all had a beautiful holiday and are ready to start the new year with fresh eyes and a full heart.

16 Responses to A gift from the heart

  1. What a beautiful story! Your Mom is truly wonderful to have thought to give you this particular nest. Thank you for sharing this!

    • Yes, my mom is definitely wonderful. I’m STILL trying to find the right spot for this nest in my office – I don’t want anything to happen to it, yet I want to see it everyday. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. A beautiful nest, and a wonderful gift. We kept the little flycatcher nest from earlier this year, as we had to take it down off the porch light. I found a lovely little glass keepsake box to store it in, so it can be displayed, and kept safe. I never thought to put it on the Christmas tree though, your nest looks right at home there. Happy New Year!

    • Oooh, I’d love to see a flycatcher’s nest! They’re such cute little birds (we love their ‘snapping’ noise they make when they swoop down to eat!). Happy New Year to you, too!

  3. Hi sweet Rebecca,

    The reason Jeff wrote you to find out about your Sweet Tweetup is that I have to give a keynote in Kentucky during the weekend of the SFFGS. We’re trying to arrange to drive up the night before we have to be there and maybe depart from SFI instead of our local SLO airport. If we can do it we’ll be there…and what can I bring?

    Love it that you were so in tune with mama robin and that you now have that nest beside you.

    When is your book coming out? I want to review it.



    • Hi Sharon – I’m absolutely THRILLED you and Jeff may be coming! And do NOT worry about bringing anything except a healthy appetite (we have good food over here!!). I’m keeping my fingers crossed you’ll be able to make it – it should be a fun, fun, fun event! – R

    • Oooh…and we’re not really sure when the book is coming out as the pub date has been pushed back a few weeks. Hopefully by April, though. And we’d be honored to have you review it, Sharon! Thanks for the generous offer!!