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Rebecca's Back Garden

Los Altos, CA

This is the garden of my childhood home, having lived here since I was 10 years old. After moving back home in 1998, I spent the next 18 years creating a garden that has become my pride and joy. Nestled in the heart of bustling Silicon Valley, my goal has been to create a garden that feels a million miles away, a place where I can escape and lose myself for hours at a time.

Consisting of several private spaces, infused throughout with childhood memories, my garden is less of a showpiece and more like a diary. It’s a place to play, experiment and show my personality, and I love it with all my heart.

The heartbeat of my garden is the former orchard shed, original to the property, which my husband lovingly transformed into my office. There’s something magical about this space, and all who enter feel it.   It’s a very special place, filled with cherished items from my past, and I can’t imagine a more inspiring place in which to design gardens.


* You can also read more about my garden in Sunset (Jan. 2013), Fine Gardening (Feb. 2009, Oct 2009, Dec. 2011), Country Almanac (Summer, 2011) as well as Sunset’s Book of Landscaping  and The Cancer’s Survivor’s Garden Companion