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A Hillside Meadow Garden

Los Altos, CA

As a passionate gardener, this homeowner wanted her garden to reflect both her love of plants and a desire to respect the environment. The first step in revitalizing her existing garden was to replace a large, unused, and water-thirsty lawn with a meadow filled with various grasses, natives, and perennials. In addition to year-round beauty, this robust meadow attracts a variety of pollinators to the rest of her garden that helps to ensure ample cut flowers for her home.

Angular pathways are placed close to her contemporary-style home and meander throughout the vibrant garden beds, resulting in a lush and layered tapestry of color.

* This garden is featured Horticulture magazine, January 2013, as well as the award-winning Lawn Gone! Low-Maintenance, Sustainable, Attractive Alternatives for Your Yard (Pam Penick, 2013)