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Re-purposing fireplace tools in the garden

Fireplacestakes cropped

Lots of homeowners are replacing their environmentally un-cool fireplaces with gas inserts for a whole host of reasons.  Here’s a great idea showing how you can re-use those no-longer-needed fireplace tools in the garden.

And the beauty of this project is its simplicity – just stick them in the ground to use as garden stakes.  Actually, you know what?  Most look even better as garden stakes than they did as fireplace tools!

In addition to fireplace tools, you can also use old curtain rods.  In the photo below you’ll see a mix of fireplace tools and decorative curtain rods just waiting to support the asiatic lilies that are just beginning to emerge.   If you don’t happen to have any lying around, you can easily pick these up at most thrift stores, home or craft stores for pretty reasonable prices.   

Fireplacestakes #2

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