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Succulent heaven at Sherman Gardens

I can look at succulents all day long.  I never grow tired of their colors, shapes and forms and the infinite number of ways that creative gardeners use them in their gardens.

A few months ago, while rushing to get to the airport, my friend insisted we stop at Corona del Mar’s Sherman Library and Gardens, since I hadn’t been there in at least 15 years.  Holy Cow how things have changed!  While the quaint and charming building was the same, I don’t remember their succulent garden looking anything like it does now.  Designed and maintained by Mathew Maggio, these succulents are some of the most beautiful I’ve seen.  Whether arranged in symmetrical patterns, tucked into a stairway’s treads or imitating an underwater ocean scene,  this jewel-box of a garden is one not to be missed.  Enjoy!


15 Responses to Succulent heaven at Sherman Gardens

  1. What is it about succulents,…I love ’em! Sherman Gardens is a popular venue where I’d photograph weddings when I lived and worked in OC. You can see why a bride would choose it. Luckily with my camera on me, I’d be able to take home some gardens ideas, as well. I love the top photo, Rebecca. Succulents seem to be good for all garden areas, containers, rock gardens and combined with other plants.

    • Hi Sue! It would be SO cool to be married there, carrying a bouquet of mixed aeoniums – I bet you took some amazing photos! You’re so right – I can’t imagine an area where they wouldn’t fit in (except buried under the snow, perhaps – but even then there’s a few varieties that’ll survive even that, right?)

      • Rebecca, I brought all my succulents from So Cal when I moved to the mountains south of Yosemite. Some died from the cold, but the others do fine even in snow! Now I make sure I see them at neighbors gardens before buying any more.

  2. Gorgeous succulent photos! I especially like the stairs, but the interesting mix of plants in and around pots and various rocks are all beautiful and inspiring. I want to try this at home!

    • Hi Kaveh – I lived in Laguna Beach about 17 years ago and only visited it a few times. Why is it that we rarely visit the gems where we actually live? Oh well. I hope you can visit this garden sometime – it’s truly amazing.

  3. Well, that was a pretty delicious (eye candy) trip into a world of succulents! Why don’t mine (the few I have) look like that? Oh, that’s right – over 150 volunteers working in all areas – good for them! That’s a true gift to have that many volunteers who clearly seem to know what they are doing. Thanks!

  4. Great photos, Rebecca! Matt has a good eye and a true love of the plants. He’s an agave expert, but obviously is well versed in all the genera. I love his whimsical patterns and use of colored stones, too!