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San Francisco Garden Show 2010 – Metal Mania

This is the first of several posts about the fabulous San Francisco Garden Show which I’ve been attending this entire week (it runs through Sunday, so if you’re in the area and haven’t been yet – HURRY UP!!  What are you waiting for!!)

Since there’s a ton of us garden writers at this show (thanks to the coordination of Laura Schaub, the show’s official PR Maven), instead of writing reviews about my favorite gardens, I’ll just try and capture different elements about the show that I found interesting.

The first is the abundant use of metal this year.  For whatever reason, I have a particular fondness for metal and am always attracted to anything with chunky, rusty metal in it. And if it’s been re-purposed, then it’s all the better!

Here are some photos of the different ways metal was used throughout the gardens in the show….

From the cattail sculptures …..                                   …..to the many Steel Planter boxes I saw

I LOVE how this wall is embedded with rusty old pieces of junk, but as if that wasn’t enough…the junk is then planted with succulents (my other favorite thing besides metal!)

Isn’t this the most beautiful meadow on top of a steel patio rooftop?

Even the armadillo lurking in the wild grass was cool looking.

I think one of my favorites was the Creole Garden’s gate, constructed out of rebar with musical notes throughout it…some planted with succulents, some empty.  It was difficult to photograph, but I gave it a shot.

I met Gina Nash, with Experienced Materials, one of the coolest metal sculpture artists I’ve seen, where she sold things like this rainbarrel.  No, not an ugly bright red plastic one, but one with this beautiful metal art on the side of it.

Or, these great light fixtures which not only look gorgeous, but cast beautiful shadows on the wall.  And all for about $85 bucks!!  (psst…get ’em while you can – I heard she’s raising her prices next year!)

Thanks for stopping by!  I’m heading back up there again tomorrow, with another post to follow!  Hope to see you there…

14 Responses to San Francisco Garden Show 2010 – Metal Mania

  1. Do you remember who the vendor was with the amazing metal gates, arbors and even candelabra – they were in the space between the halls and in the rear of one of the exhibit halls?

  2. I’m on my way to the Hardware show in Vegas……not too many plant displays but LOTS of pots and garden decor. Starts on Tuesday……are you coming?!

    • Hi Tamara – no, in fact I’ve never even heard of it! Will you be writing a post on it, perhaps? Would be pretty interesting to read!

  3. I have a buddy who play in a brass band, and has little time for a garden. The creole courtyard gave me some ideas of creating something (not on this scale) that he could enjoy. Matti

    • Really? Great! I think he can get some awesome deals on alligator heads on Craigs List….and if not those, then old un-used drums for sure!

  4. Looks like an amazing show Rebecca. Wish our area had something similar. I love the lanterns and the “junk” embedded in the wall too. I have an area in my backyard that I want to put a wall ~ maybe I can incorporate this technique.

  5. VERY cool! I’m enjoying seeing the show through the eyes of all of the different bloggers. I didn’t notice all of the metal! Glad you did. Nice blog!

    • Thanks Katie, Kelly, Matt and Kathleen! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed my version of the show…always different through others’ eyes, isn’t it?

  6. Great photos! I loved the Creole garden so much. And I missed the junk metal in stone wall. If I can get back to the show this weekend, I will look for that. Love it.