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Garden art revisited

We all try our best to recycle and repurpose whenever we can, right?  When this robin’s nest blew down last year my mother couldn’t stand to throw it away so she gave it to me to keep it in a protected spot and re-use it in my garden.

Imagine my joy when I discovered this treasured gift of mine found a new purpose!  Once home to a robust family of Lake Tahoe robins, its now home to a sweet little dove.

I always laugh whenever I find a dove’s nest, as they’re the flimsiest nests on the planet.  It’s like they just grabbed the nearest 4 pieces of straw and crammed them together and called it a day.  Not surprisingly, I often find them blown about the garden with the doves in dismay.  This time, however, this little smartie found herself a super sturdy robin’s nest, complete with compacted mud as its base, on which to throw her pieces 4 of hay (yes, believe it or not ,I counted when she flew away for lunch).

I’ve grown to love this little bird, and she’s grown accustomed to walking in and out of my office within a few feet of her.  And as I garden nearby, she just sits quietly watching.

To be continued….


18 Responses to Garden art revisited

  1. Awww! That is just the sweetest thing ever! Good thing you kept and incorporated that nest. What a gift indeed. I hope she sticks around, lucky girl.

  2. that is so sweet! why is it so intriguing to watch a little mama bird sitting on her nest, so self-satisfied and peaceful, yet a little anxious at the same time? and what a hip dove, too, so into sustainability and all that good stuff!

  3. Rebecca: Congratulations! I love when Mother Nature does something special like that. We’ve been watching baby owls over here. They just learned to fly, and the neighborhood is having withdrawal symptoms. 😉 Enjoy your nesting birds, Teresa

    • Baby owls, Teresa? I can’t imagine! I would just DIE if I saw an owl – they’re one of my favorite birds and one that I rarely ever get to see (or hear). Lucky, lucky you!!

    • Aw thanks for the invite, Sharon! I’m glad you mentioned it again, because you KNOW that’s on our agenda! If not this year, then next for sure!! Would absolutely be dreamy for us!!!

  4. We have a teenage dove hanging around our backyard… her parents check on her from the aspen next door. I had seen her outside my kitchen window, and we met a couple of days ago. She just walked around my patio and watched me as I gardened. I love my morning wake-up call with the family ‘kooing’. Spring is so delightful.

    • Thanks, Debra….sometimes I do feel a little like Cinderella with the birds flying around! I’ve been trying to train the scrub jays to eat peanuts out of my hands like Sharon Lovejoy does – then I’ll be living the Cinderella dream!!! 😉

  5. So lovely! Maybe I should tuck the nests I’ve found on the ground this spring into cozy spots for new tenants!

    • Absolutely, Cat! I’ve had birds re-use nests for many years in a row. I don’t even dump out the old contents, either…they just build right on top of the old one, getting higher each time!

  6. Indeed a smart dovie. Imagine, she no longer has to stress herself with gathering those 4 pieces of hay. I think the spot where you put the nest is lovely. No wonder why the equally lovely winged creature chose it.

  7. How sweet — and smarter of a dove than I’d have given her credit for. I’m laughing over your “4 pieces of hay” comment. So true!