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I’m in love with Roger….


In love with my Rogers Red grapevine, that is.  

Vitis californica ‘Roger’s Red’ is a California native, grows with very little water, quickly reaching a massive 30×30 – growing 3 to 6 feet per year!  It produces TONS of grapes which are filled with seeds, so while they’re not the first choice for a quick snack, they’re great for the birds or for making grape juice.

Okay, enough about the specifics – let’s get to the real reasons I love this vine.  FALL COLOR!  This vine is growing on my arbor, and it tenderly (okay – thuggishly) embraces my nearby aviary, creeping all the way over to my bougainvilla.  The colors absolutely take my breath away!



Last weekend, while happily taking these photos of my dear Roger, my husband happened to climb on the roof to clean out the gutters.

And that’s when he yelled down “Honey – there’s a PARTY going on up here!”

While I was busy thinking the vine was in all its glory from down below, once I climbed up I realized the real show was on my roof – check out these colors!


I sure hope the birds are appreciating the show!

Definitely makes me wish I had a 2-story house…..

9 Responses to I’m in love with Roger….

  1. Great photos! Now, dare I tell you that genetic testing has recently shown Roger’s Red is only half native Californian? Quite frankly, to me, that matters not at all. It still gets by with very little water, grows like a weed, and attracts birds and other critters with its grapes. Soooo enjoy!

  2. Well I can certainly see why! He is a good looking vine! Makes me want to live in California~~when ever I see your outdoor spaces! gail

  3. Pretty vine. Have been thinking of trying grapes on the balcony. The fall colour would be an added bonus (and at least I don’t have to worry about racoons !)

  4. Gorgeous and compelling. I figure to install grapes in the next year or two, but I want easy-snacking so I’ll be looking for a seedless variety. You’ve given me one more question to ask at the nursery: “How do the plants look in autumn?”

  5. Ok, now I’m officially in love with Roger too. Makes me want to relocate (it must be true love). Roger is not only gorgeous, clearly virile as well. I’m going to dream of him tonight (shhhh…don’t tell husband).

  6. Hi Rebecca…I have a Thompson seedless that grows like your Roger, w/out the beautiful color. No seeds, but weeny fruit. May take it out, because of the summertime raccoon romp on the arbor. They think it’s a party up there, too!

    • Yeah..I guess I should’ve also mentioned it’s not only a ‘visual’ party, but a ‘critter’ party, too. Rats don’t seem to mind the grape seeds either!