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A Sweet French Birdhouse

One of my favorite Christmas gifts was given to me by my husband Tom – this handmade birdhouse from L’Atelier Vert.

My garden wouldn’t be complete without all the birds that visit and raise their babies here (see here, and here, and here!)  so I’m hopeful one will find a new home this spring.



I think I’ll get my wish since I’ve already seen a few snooping around this new addition.

Fingers crossed!


14 Responses to A Sweet French Birdhouse

  1. I love birds too! I have two bird feeders by my kitchen window and I love watching who comes to visit. I have lots of spotted towee (sp?), black eyed junkos, and many more. I know that they birds nest in my bamboo branches but I have never seen a nest so far. There is something magical about finding a bird nest, and it is amazing to see how clever the birds are to find a well protected spot. I love your wall, seen in the other posts, it is a piece of art with all those random but beautifully arranged objects.

    • You’re so right, Laura, finding a bird’s nest in the garden is always so exciting, isn’t it? Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words re: my tool-wall, too!

  2. What a beautiful and unusual birdhouse! I have lots of feeders, but have left the birdhouse building up to the birds in the past – maybe it’s time to give them something sturdy to build in!

    • Thanks Amy! It’s funny – the birds usually build their nests in things that aren’t meant for them, choosing to leave my beautiful birdhouses alone. They’re pretty picky about where they want to live, I guess!

  3. I’ve seen several variations of the birdhouse Tom gave you for Christmas… none as sculpturally beautiful as this. I love that you are as lucky as I am when it comes to husbands.

    • Hi Eileen – I’m no expert on birds, but I do know that some are really particular when it comes to the exact size of the hole, the depth of the house, etc. Maybe you just have a case of super picky birds in your neighborhood!! 😉

  4. Thanks for all that additional information on Atelier Vert Debra… Loved your cute comments about Tom, Rebecca… and love your garden… always look forward to seeing it.

  5. Wow, Tom surfed the Web and found the perfect garden gift for you? Amazing. What a guy! I’m so impressed by Atelier Vert’s website. Here’s what it says about its founder: “Barbara Wilde is a passionate gardener and cook who loves and lives in France. She personally writes all the content on this site, and travels throughout her adopted country looking for great home and garden products to offer you, as well as visiting gardens and observing techniques to share with you. Barbara has designed gardens for American gardeners since 1987, and is a garden speaker and writer of long standing. She was for many years the regular garden columnist for Indianapolis Woman magazine, has written articles for Horticulture magazine, co-authored several gardening books for Rodale Press, and has a new book out from Rodale Press, Growing Roses Organically. Barbara now gardens in Paris and Normandy, France.”

    • Thanks for the added info, Debra! Her site is truly beautiful and I love her products (though the shipping adds up since the products come from France!) Oh, and Tom didn’t exactly find this on his own. But he WAS good at reading my Christmas list email I sent him! 😉