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The chairs of Innisfree Garden

While in Connecticut last week visiting great gardens and great friends, I fell in love with Innisfree Garden.  In particular, the casual and thoughtful way the different styles of garden seating were artfully arranged throughout the garden.

Innisfree is a 150-acre public garden inspired by ancient Chinese design –  and one of the most peaceful public gardens I’ve ever visited.

Throughout this expansive garden, there were several groupings of the Wave Hill chair.

This style of chair, based on Gerrit Rietveld’s 1918 design, has been a fixture of Wave Hill gardens for  decades.

These were some of the most comfortable chairs I’ve ever sat in.

It probably didn’t hurt that the view was to-die-for, but really they were so comfortable I had a hard time moving on.

The serenity of this garden was occasionally punctuated by colorful chairs.

This was such a delightful surprise in a garden primarily comprised of cool shades of green.

If you love inviting garden chairs as much as I do, you can see a few more here.

Here’s to relaxing in your garden!

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5 Responses to The chairs of Innisfree Garden

  1. I’ve had the plans for the Wave Hill chair for a year but too many other projects ahead in line. So says the master carpenter in residence. Those comfortable chairs with the great view look to be made of metal. If so, I think I’m in love…I wonder if they fold up?

    • Lucky you, Denise! I might just have to send away for those plans as well – I love those straight backed chairs. They look like they’d be uncomfortable, but they’re not! And yes, the other chairs are metal and they don’t fold up. Otherwise I probably would’ve tried to smuggle them home in my giant purse. 😉

  2. Love those battered looking Wind Hill chairs. They sure give the landscape character and somewhat of a history. It’s like they’re saying they’ve got lots of stories to tell about the people who have sat on them. Thank you for sharing this piece. I close my eyes and I can just imagine the place.

  3. I can feel the breeze as I write this… your words have taken me to a very peaceful and comfortable place, sitting in the silver colored chairs. Hmmmm… I’m definitely going into a relaxing zone. Oh wait! I have to finish preparing for guests. Definitely reading this later this evening!