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Ecstasy – Wordless Wednesday

While spending the day in San Francisco I stumbled upon this statue of a massive, towering woman titled Ecstasy, by Karen Cusolito and Dan Das Mann.

Her body is so graceful, lithe and perfectly proportioned while being constructed of repurposed pieces of chunky, rusty metal.

I know it’s a little atypical of my posts, but I just had to share her with all of you.  Can’t you imagine a smaller version of her strategically placed in the garden?



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  • She is exquisite… to have that kind of talent to create such beauty from scrap metal is truly a gift. I knew I should have gone to welding school!

    • Sheila – you and me both! As much as I love rusty old metal, I should’ve gone to welding school, too!

      • In my next life I’ll probably be thinking about math or science just to make me crazy… I just hope to remember that welding is right up there with gardening

  • now that would be some mean garden art!! she’s gorgeous. what lovely grace and detail. and rusty iron is so organic looking that it usually blends well with the plantings.

    • Mean garden art, indeed. Yet oh so graceful!

  • This is incredible! I like how they used so many different types of metal scraps…so well done. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks for stopping by ‘Sage’!

  • I would totally love a smaller version of this in my garden or yard. Including the foot in the picture definately gave a better idea of the detail that went into this gorgeous sculpture!

    • Thanks Renee – I only wish I had more close-ups to show everyone. Thanks for stopping by!

  • So glad you included the closeup of the foot! Amazing delicacy. And those ribs look especially intriguing. Thanks for this find!

    • Hi Denise – so glad you like it! My camera’s battery was almost dead, otherwise I would’ve taken more close-ups. Even so, I think the foot gives a pretty good idea of the intricacy involved in creating this sculpture.

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