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Dewit Potting Scoop

Last year my friend (and gardener extraordinaire) Shawna Coronado traveled to the Netherlands to spend a little time with the folks at the DeWit Tool company.  Shawna had the once-in-a-lifetime experience of not only designing, but making the prototype of her ideal version of a potting soil scoop.  The scoop has since been such a success that now it’s part of their regular tool line-up.

In fact, the DeWit company kindly sent me one to trial, and I must say I’ve really been enjoying using it while assembling some of my spring containers.

Here’s why I’m a huge fan:

1.  Notched Edge

If you’re like me, you’ve probably tried to rip open a bag of potting soil with your bare hands because you were too tired to trek all the way back to the garage to get your scissors or shears. Whenever I attempt to do this, I end up mangling the bag and spilling soil everywhere.

Ripped bags no more! The edge of this potting scoop is notched with a very sharp hook that easily punctures right into the impossibly impenetrable plastic bag with a very satisfying pop – and it’s smooth sailing from there.  I love that little notch!

2.  The Over-Sized Scoop

I wish you could see how much soil this scoop holds!  It’s about double what any other trowel holds, which is perfect when you just want to hurry up and fill the container without having to pick up and dump the heavy bag.

3. Rounded Sides

The sides of this trowel are rounded into the perfect pot-hugging curve, making it easy to slide the trowel in and around the delicate plants.

And the rounded shape means the soil doesn’t easily fall out.  Genius!


4.  Sharp Edge

The blunt end of the scoop has a very sharp edge making it ideal for slicing through old, compacted potting soil or a plant’s roots.

If you’re convinced you can’t live without this tool, you can order one for yourself here!


81 Responses to Dewit Potting Scoop

  1. Well, I didnt enter, I figured another tool. But ever since I read this article and have been busy with spring planting, all I can think about is “that little scoop would sure be handy right now”. I couldnt remember where I’d seen the article, until just now. I’d love to see more articles on the best of the best tools and gardening got to haves. Take for instance that yellow hose-pipe or hose, its the most dastardly garden hose that ever was, which one is the best? I’d like to know because I’m finished with that yellow hose!

    Thanks for all the great posts!

  2. I am ordering one of these tools and if I win the tool offer it will be gifted to a friend.

  3. I love the notch idea and the sharp end. You are right about opening bags. That’s the worst part of gardening!

  4. What a perfect scoop – great design features – should be on everyone’s list for Mother’s Day or birthdays!

  5. I love that a company had a gardener design the tool. Every feature she designed takes into consideration a dilemma that gardeners face. Losing potting soil is such a waste of money and gardeners need every penny; there is always another plant that is needed for the garden. LOL. Thanks for sharing the tool and telling us about it. PS, I am looking forward to the book you have about color coming out.

  6. What a great idea, I always use my garden knife to open the bag and plastic pots as scoops and they always crack!

  7. You’re right, this does look like the perfect potting soil tool! I love the size and curved sides, no more spilling soil as I take it out of the bag.

  8. ooooooh, would so love to have this scoop! Made more special by meeting Shawna last summer and following her adventures ever since… so cool she got to design a tool!

  9. Looks fantastic! I’ve entered several contests trying to win this nifty garden tool. I’ll keep trying and trying. Thank you!

  10. Love the way this tool was designed. Thanks for the giveaway and the no-hassle entry process.

  11. Brilliant tool! I love the bag cutting notch–I am that person who has to walk back to the house for scissors. Thanks for the chance to win!

  12. This looks like a great, sturdy tool. Even if I don’t win it, I’m sure happy they are available for purchase!

  13. I would SOOOO love to have one! Would be a real asset as I live on a hillside and anything that makes life and my back easier is great!

  14. I’ve lived those 2 scenarios a million times too- taking off muddy gloves to fetch the scissors and breaking my back emptying huge bags of soil. I’d love it.

  15. What a terrific idea — and must have been a great experience for you, working with the company and designing this tool. Good job! Would love to own one.

  16. Any tool that has the potential to reduce the amount of soil I end up wearing sounds good to me!

  17. That looks like an awesome shovel. I think I have finally descended into true garden nerdery if I am entering into contests for garden trowels 😉

  18. A no
    tched tool to open heavy duty plastic bags. For that reason alone it would be my number one go to tool!

  19. I love the notched side to open the bag and the fact the scoop actually will hold a good amount of soil.

  20. This looks awesome! And delighted to have found your blog! This sucker looks solid, too! (My husband is always breaking my trowels. If I get one of these, he’s not getting near it!)

  21. Gardeners love their tools and gardening gadgets. Looks like a very useful tool that I would like to add to my collection!

  22. Looking forward to the Spring blooms and getting outside more….once it stops raining….This tool looks like a wonderful edition for any gardner! I like the edge, it looks like this would make for easier digging and clean cuts!
    Thanks for sharing the opportunity to win this Shawna!

  23. Awesome to see my little tool and the give-away — I hope the lucky winner gets a lot of use out of the tool. 🙂

    Thanks for the sharing of the tool love. 🙂



  24. What a handy tool, I’d love to have such.
    Love your Gossip in the Garden & your pictures are inspirational.