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New friends, chickens and wine – a perfect afternoon!

One of the benefits of speaking at different garden clubs is the chance to meet their members and visit their beautiful gardens.  One such person is Bonnie Manion, whom I met at the La Jolla Village Garden Club last fall.

After a morning of touring gardens, we ended our day at Bonnie’s home where we enjoyed a relaxing afternoon in her vineyard.  Part of the fun was meeting her two chickens, Charley (short for Charlotte) and Dahlia.


Charley is a White-Crested Blue Polish Hen and black-and-white Dahlia is a Silver-Spangled Hamburg.

Watching them run around the grapevines with a glass of wine in hand, was the perfect ending to our day!


I loved the home Bonnie has built for them – no ordinary chicken coop for these girls!

Complete with a weather vane, climbing roses, and a front porch, these chickens are definitely living the dream….

 After meeting the chickens, we headed to her tasting room to sit down for awhile and, yes, sample some of her wine.

Located through these sliding doors, I was definitely in for a treat.  Look at all the awards her wine has won!  And after tasting it, it’s no surprise.  This is, hands down, the best Rose I’ve ever had (and it’s not just the fact that I love the label, either).  

New friends, chickens and wine.  Does it get any better than this?  I think not.

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