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Oak Hill Farm in Sonoma, California

It’s time for another (nearly) Wordless Wednesday post!

Let me introduce you to Oak Hill Farm in Sonoma, California.  One of my favorite stops while visiting, providing the freshest produce and cut flowers around (picked less than 100 feet from the barn!)

8 Responses to Oak Hill Farm in Sonoma, California

  1. Yes, what a find! I am so pleased that you shared Oak Hill as a resource and an inspiring way to grow flowers – in season and organically.
    Thanks for the link, Rebecca. You’re the best. xoxo debra

    • Debra – good! I hope they can help you out (though I’m not sure what they have this time of year – but the spring is just incredible!)

  2. Oh to see such beauty up close. It was lovely finally meeting you in person at GWA. Now, when I think of Sharon L., I’ll also always think of you.

    All of us inspire others in such unexpected ways.

    One more thing, you are even prettier than your picture.~~Dee

    • Oh heck, Dee – you’re making me blush! Lovely meeting you, as well. One of my garden fantasies is having both you and Sharon over for a luncheon in my garden (minus surrounding leaf-blowers, construction work, heat-waves, etc.)

  3. I LOVE Oak Hill Farm, especially in the autumn! It glows with life and color. I remember one chilly day when a little flock of bantams wandered by. I was in heaven.

    Love to you,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island