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While driving around Pasadena early the other morning, I had a few hours to spare before the Huntington Gardens opened. Imagine my surprise when, while looking for a coffee shop, I accidentally stumbled upon this treasure!  Tucked away in the middle of a residential neighborhood is one of the most exciting public gardens I think I've ever seen. This 3-acre garden (open every day of the year) is a collaboration between the McKenney family, the City of Pasadena and Pasadena [read more]
. . What do you do when a friend tells you to 'take all the cuttings you want'? . . . . . . . . And your uncle gives you a beautiful old clam shell he's had for years? . . . . . . . You drill a few holes in the shell for drainage, fill it with potting soil mixed with perlite and voila!  An ordinary rock wall becomes a little less, well...ordinary! [read more]
If you're a gardener who loves succulents, contemporary design, chickens, canning, birds, living walls and books, then this Northern California garden shop is the place for YOU.  Just over a year old, DIG a much needed refuge from the more ordinary and commonplace garden shops which dot the coast. Cara and Will Meyers (who also own 'Hidden Gardens Nursery' just a few miles down the road) have not only created a to-die-for garden shop, but they hold seminars, book signings, [read more]
Succulent Container Gardens – Book Review
Since there's already so many glowing reviews of Debra Lee Baldwin's Succulent Container Gardens on the internet, I thought I might do something a little different - review the author first, and then review  the book.   I mean, really - who doesn't want to know all about the person who wrote the book?  I know I do! (more…) [read more]
This is the first of several posts about the fabulous San Francisco Garden Show which I've been attending this entire week (it runs through Sunday, so if you're in the area and haven't been yet - HURRY UP!!  What are you waiting for!!) Since there's a ton of us garden writers at this show (thanks to the coordination of Laura Schaub, the show's official PR Maven), instead of writing reviews about my favorite gardens, I'll just try and capture different [read more]
Oh, how I love succulents. Here's some info on them and a video showing how to transplant these little guys.... [read more]