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Goodbye Lawn, Hello Garden     Part 2
Phew - I've been busy!  As promised a few weeks ago, here's the next phase of my front lawn-removal project. After deciding on the materials and final shape of the pathways, the next step was to remove the lawn.  A physically grueling task to be sure. Enlisting some help from one with a much stronger back than I, we (the British 'we', that is) removed it by hand, making sure to dig deep to remove any stray lawn roots that [read more]
Okay - you're in a hurry to plant your tomato's the quickest way to do it! [read more]
  I absolutely love re-purposed items in the garden. Things that may be broken or have lost their usefulness are all too often headed to the dump.  But hold up!  Sometimes all that's needed is a coat of paint, a little sprucing up and a healthy dose of creativity to use that item in a brand new way!   Not only are these recycled items being kept out of our landfill, but they can add such a welcome personal touch [read more]
Here's a great way to re-purpose those outdated mini-blinds.... [read more]
Cool idea! How to re-purpose those outdated fireplace tools..... [read more]