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  I have a new favorite plant that I've been using in my designs now for the past few years - it's Francoa Ramosa and I just adore it! It's categorized as a perennial, but in our Zone 9 climate, it's evergreen. The snails pretty much leave it alone, it grows like mad making it easy to divide and give away to friends, and as if it needed anything else in it's favor, it seems to be fairly un-thirsty (even [read more]
Eureka lemon trees are notorious for producing freakishly shaped lemons - especially along the cooler coastal climate (like ours in the Bay Area).  Personally, I like the occasional odd-ball that my tree kicks out - and so do kids.  But if more and more of your lemons are turning out like this you may want to take some action. What causes this?  It's a weird little bud mite which sucks the sap from the lemon flower, causing the poor flower [read more]
. Roses, roses, roses...nothing says 'spring is right around the corner' more than all the bare-root roses in stock right now at the nurseries. Especially when you see their hopeful, little leaves starting to emerge from their stark stems. And now's the time to buy them, as they're such a better deal when sold bare-root ($15) versus when they're re-potted into a 5-gallon container ($35.00) And while it may seem a little early to start thinking about which roses you'd [read more]