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Book roundup + giveaway!  The 20-30 Something Garden Guide, The Plant Recipe Book & Sunset’s Western Garden Book of Landscaping
Spring has arrived! And along with the sweet scent of jasmine, the bursting blooms of tulips and rosebuds just beginning to open comes a new crop of gardening books.  Luckily my mailman remembers that, around this time each year, his load gets a little heavier with all the books I'm sent to review.  I thought it might be fun to tell you about a few of my favorites, each distinctly different from the next, as well as offer a fantastic [read more]
Tantalizing Tillandsias
There's something about tillandsias that makes my heart sing.  Even just saying the word is fun.  Maybe its due to their seemingly endless array of colors, shapes and textures.  Maybe its because of their somewhat freaky appearance.  Or maybe its because they're one of the easiest ways to make a really creative statement in your home. Actually, for me it's all of the above - plus the fact that I'm a sucker for anything that asks so little from me. [read more]
I’m a caladium convert
I'll admit it - I've never given much thought to caladiums, perhaps subconsciously dismissing them as an uninspired, old-fashioned stalwart. But having trialled several dozen this year (thanks to the good folks at Classic Caladiums) I can proudly say I was dead wrong - there's nothing uninspired with these plants.  I'm officially hooked! Similar to coleus in that they come in a psychedelic array of color combinations, caladiums somehow have more of an air of elegance about them. And when [read more]
Mixing flowers and succulents
There's no doubt about it, Debra Lee Baldwin certainly knows her succulents.  But when visiting her Escondido, CA garden again a few months ago, I was struck by something else - the flowers.  Not the flowers of succulents (which are amazing enough), but regular ol' perennial, annual and native flowers that casually grow throughout the garden. My very favorite gardens tend to have a creative and unusual mix of 'styles', filled with unexpected, unique and breathtaking touches - which is [read more]
I don't typically read fashion magazines, but living with a teenage daughter means a stack of them are usually lying around the house in one room or another. While I can usually pass them by without feeling the urge to read about 'The Top 10 Must-Have Heels For Summer', I'll admit I'm a sucker for titles such as '10 Ways to Wear 1 Dress'. So with a slightly different twist, here's my version where the star isn't the little black [read more]
Indoor Plant Decor – Book Party, Review & Giveaways
To celebrate the release of Kylee Baumle and Jenny Peterson's new book, Indoor Plant Decor, you're all invited to participate in their cyber book party (complete, of course, with loads of prizes!) I'll be honest, when I was asked to review and join this event I was a little nervous as I'm one of those people who struggles to keep indoor plants alive.  There - I've said it.  Yes, I'm a landscape designer and yes, I love nothing more than [read more]
Last month I completely dismantled one of my favorite garden beds so we could finally finish painting the house.  Last fall we had our house painted, but I wouldn't let them paint one remaining wall as my bougainvillea was in full bloom and there was no way I was about to cut it back prematurely!  Luckily, I had the world's best painters who fully understood how crazy we gardeners can be, and were willing to come back in the early [read more]
Last year my friend (and gardener extraordinaire) Shawna Coronado traveled to the Netherlands to spend a little time with the folks at the DeWit Tool company.  Shawna had the once-in-a-lifetime experience of not only designing, but making the prototype of her ideal version of a potting soil scoop.  The scoop has since been such a success that now it's part of their regular tool line-up. In fact, the DeWit company kindly sent me two (one to have, and one to [read more]
Hooray for Heucheras! An interview with Terra Nova Nurseries
Heucheras (aka: Coral Bells or Allum Root) are one of my favorite perennials in the garden, whether adding spots of color in the front of the border, massed together in drifts or nestled into a container.   I'd be lost if I couldn't use these little treasures in my designs, as their foliage comes in just about every color imaginable, they reliably return year after year and they're even somewhat deer resistant. The folks at Terra Nova Nursery (located in [read more]
There's something alluring about beautiful plants that have a bite to them. In fact, I just attended a fascinating talk by desert-designer-extraordinaire Scott Calhoun, who believes our fascination with plants that make us bleed is akin to the Stockholm Syndrome - ha! While I don't go out of my way to design gardens that will intentionally impale or poison people, I also don't go out of my way to avoid plants that might have potential for pain.  Just like lots [read more]
I've been wanting to write about this garden for a long time, and have finally found the perfect opportunity with today's Garden Designers Roundtable topic 'Focusing on the Details'.  (Warning:  lots of photos for this one!) While touring gardens last year with Debra Lee Baldwin, she insisted I meet her good friend, Jim Bishop.  And, if I was really lucky, I might even get to see his garden.  Thank heavens it was my lucky day.  Jim Bishop is pretty amazing [read more]
I love Oxalis in my garden. No, not the horribly invasive oxalis that has taken over my lawn, but the colorful and well-behaved hybrids available in nurseries everywhere. Come and take a look.... (more…) [read more]
A few weeks ago I was a lucky, lucky girl and had the distinct honor of touring Debra Lee Baldwin's own garden - and what a garden it was! Debra is known by many as the 'Queen of Succulents', thanks to her amazing books, Succulent Container Gardens and Designing with Succulents and the many talks and presentations she gives all over the country. So while I assumed her garden would be fabulous... I wasn't prepared for just how fabulous it [read more]
A few weeks ago I spent an afternoon at Flora Grubb Gardens as I needed a little inspiration for some upcoming container projects.  Flora never lets me down!  It was a beautiful fall day when the sun's gentle rays allow everything to glow just a little bit brighter. For those of you not familiar with this San Francisco nursery, suffice it to say Flora does an amazing job of providing the most beautiful specimens of Mediterranean plants artfully paired with [read more]
If you're familiar with my blog, then you know I love grasses.  And luckily they're becoming more and more common in most every nursery, with many selections to choose from.   Yes, grasses are all the rage and for good reason. Why?  Generally speaking, grasses will grow in just about any type of soil, most are drought tolerant and diseases and pests aren't usually an issue.   (more…) [read more]
  I absolutely love re-purposed items in the garden. Things that may be broken or have lost their usefulness are all too often headed to the dump.  But hold up!  Sometimes all that's needed is a coat of paint, a little sprucing up and a healthy dose of creativity to use that item in a brand new way!   Not only are these recycled items being kept out of our landfill, but they can add such a welcome personal touch [read more]
. . What do you do when a friend tells you to 'take all the cuttings you want'? . . . . . . . . And your uncle gives you a beautiful old clam shell he's had for years? . . . . . . . You drill a few holes in the shell for drainage, fill it with potting soil mixed with perlite and voila!  An ordinary rock wall becomes a little less, well...ordinary! [read more]
This past weekend I had the pleasure of spending a Saturday afternoon in San Francisco with Debra Prinzing, Susan Morrison and Baylor Chapman of Lila B. Design.   The purpose?  To not only have fun, but to get a behind the scenes tour of Baylor's unbelievably cool floral design studio.  Join me to see what this innovative artist is creating…. (more…) [read more]
Another visit to Freeland and Sabrina Tanner's Napa Valley garden last weekend provided me with another feast of visual delights.  This time in the form of the many different containers throughout their garden - each one brimming with unusual plants, each one a mini work of art. Enjoy! (more…) [read more]
'Containers' is the topic for this month's Garden Designers Round Table post.  Choosing and planting containers is one of the most fun topics of all to write about, as it's a great way to inject some personality into your garden. . This is especially important for people who have an established garden - one that's already beautiful and 'done'.   I hear this request from many people who have just purchased a new home.  They end up calling me NOT [read more]
This is the first of several posts about the fabulous San Francisco Garden Show which I've been attending this entire week (it runs through Sunday, so if you're in the area and haven't been yet - HURRY UP!!  What are you waiting for!!) Since there's a ton of us garden writers at this show (thanks to the coordination of Laura Schaub, the show's official PR Maven), instead of writing reviews about my favorite gardens, I'll just try and capture different [read more]
Cool containers for your garden - most of them you probably have lying around! Plus, a great video on How To Plant A Chair... [read more]