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Pyracantha Pandemonium
It started out just like any other January day. For the past week, I had been admiring one of my favorite shrubs growing in my side yard - the humble pyracantha. I had been wondering to myself why more people didn't love this shrub as I do.  Didn't they realize all the seasonal beauty it freely gives to the garden? In the early spring, I’m rewarded with a show of slender branches cloaked in cascades of dainty white flowers. [read more]
My brother is moving this week, and while it's always exciting to move on in life, it can also be very bittersweet.  He had a large, beautiful garden but I think my favorite part of it was the potting shed tucked in the far corner. While his family was busy at their new home, unpacking and trying to make order of their new surroundings, I spent a quiet evening in their garden  saying goodbye. (more…) [read more]
One of my favorite Christmas gifts was given to me by my husband Tom - this handmade birdhouse from L'Atelier Vert. My garden wouldn't be complete without all the birds that visit and raise their babies here (see here, and here, and here!)  so I'm hopeful one will find a new home this spring.     I think I'll get my wish since I've already seen a few snooping around this new addition. Fingers crossed!   [read more]
Lani Freymiller has created one of the most incredible gardens I've ever seen (read more about it here).  Her garden is filled with countless design concepts and creative ideas. So many, in fact, that instead of writing the world's longest post I've decided to write several shorter ones and post them throughout the year. This is one of them. (more…) [read more]
We kicked off the first week of summer by spending a few days at my favorite place in the whole world - Lake Tahoe.  Due to our unusually cool spring and summer, it was waaay too cold to spend any time on the beach, so one day we took a hike at D.L. Bliss state park.  The lake's shades of sapphire, turqoise and deep blue took my breath away and I couldn't help but take a few photos to [read more]
On the side of my office hangs a collection of old tools that I've gathered over the years.  Most were given to me by my grandparents or parents, some were found at garage sales and others given as gifts.  All, however, are precious to me as each one represents a piece of my life. In addition to my old tools, I have various old enamelware pots and pans, sprinklers, a mason bee house and decorative birdhouses.  Every few years I'll [read more]
We all try our best to recycle and repurpose whenever we can, right?  When this robin's nest blew down last year my mother couldn't stand to throw it away so she gave it to me to keep it in a protected spot and re-use it in my garden. Imagine my joy when I discovered this treasured gift of mine found a new purpose!  Once home to a robust family of Lake Tahoe robins, its now home to a sweet little [read more]
Christmas has come and gone and in its wake are a mountain of empty boxes, bows, ribbons and wrapping paper.   My hydrangea and pittosporum centerpiece is finally beginning to wilt and the tree's dry needles are raining down upon my carpet with alarming speed. One of my favorite gifts is one that didn't cost a dime (funny how the best usually don't, isn't it?)  My mother gave me a simple box and within it was a beautiful, intact robin's [read more]
. I absolutely love all birds. From my aviary, which my husband lovingly built for me to house my canaries and finches, to the many different birds that visit my garden. . (more…) [read more]