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One of my favorite Christmas gifts was given to me by my husband Tom - this handmade birdhouse from L'Atelier Vert. My garden wouldn't be complete without all the birds that visit and raise their babies here (see here, and here, and here!)  so I'm hopeful one will find a new home this spring.     I think I'll get my wish since I've already seen a few snooping around this new addition. Fingers crossed!   [read more]
If you're a gardener who loves succulents, contemporary design, chickens, canning, birds, living walls and books, then this Northern California garden shop is the place for YOU.  Just over a year old, DIG a much needed refuge from the more ordinary and commonplace garden shops which dot the coast. Cara and Will Meyers (who also own 'Hidden Gardens Nursery' just a few miles down the road) have not only created a to-die-for garden shop, but they hold seminars, book signings, [read more]
In this month's Garden Designers Roundtable, we discuss how to create a garden that's inviting to wildlife - creating a 'habitat garden'. I think it's safe to say that for the most part, those of us who love gardening appreciate most aspects of nature and get a little thrill when discovering hidden bird nests in our window boxes, see a baby fawn with its mother, or hear an owl in the distance.  In addition to enriching your soul, by creating [read more]
Yes - it's true. I had the Swine Flu. How to enjoy your garden while lying in bed sick as a dog, for an entire week..... [read more]